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Many people on this Earth came as gurus, as real gurus. The manifestation of this great principle of the primordial master is called as Dattatreya. They came on this Earth many times and they tried to establish within us our sustenance, our dharma with this central force of evolution. It is only through the establishment of sustenance that we can evolve.... All of them are the incarnation of the same spirit.... Thus, we had the middle path built in by the gurus in the center of our being.... These gurus came on this Earth to remove fanaticism. The last of them came as Shirdi Sai Nath. He was the one who had said very clearly that to speak ill of any other religion is a sin. Nothing can be more powerful than that.... The greatest guru that we have is love, Sahaj love. It is the guru within us which teaches us, which somehow or other leads us. We are led to that great line of understanding, for which we do not have to go to any college, to any school for education. It is something so much within that it works and expresses itself – expresses like a light. (6 & 7 February 1981 and Guru Puja 2004)

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