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Agnya Chakra

The Agnya is the sixth chakra which is at the crossing of the optic chiasma. This is the centre of forgiveness, crucial in getting Self-Realization.

Shri Mataji:

The sixth chakra is called the Agnya Chakra. The gnya word means “to know.” Gnya is to know and it means the whole. The Agnya Chakra also has another meaning. Agnya means obedience or to order. It can mean both things. If you order someone, it is an agnya and the one who obeys the order is an agnya-kari, the one who does the agnya. This sixth chakra was created in the human beings when he started thinking. (1973-12-18)

When the Kundalini rises above the Agnya Chakra, immediately there is no thought. We do not get any thoughts from ego or superego. (1984-03-17)

Those who have a good Agnya can master anything. Understand that the Agnya is about mastering worldly things and mastering human beings... The best thing is to master your Agnya and you really become the master of yourself. (1973-12-18)

Quality: forgiveness.

Petals: two

Element: light

Planet: Sun

Weekday: Sunday

Gemstone: diamond


Agnya Chakra, [...] is placed on the crossing of the optic chiasma. The nerves that supply the eyes go backward in the opposite direction and wherever they cross, this subtle centre is situated. It has a continuous connection with the other centres through the medulla oblongata.

This centre has got two petals. And this subtle centre on one side acts through the eyes and at the back of the head where you have some protrusion. This is the physical side of this centre. Now the people who talk of the third eye, this is the third eye. (...)

This is a very narrow passage, through which attention cannot pass normally, it is an impossible thing. It is a narrow passage, where the ego and the superego fit on to each other and cross each other. And there is no gap in between for the Kundalini to pass through. This superego and ego go back, go downward and come to the Vishuddhi chakra and circle round it and go in the same direction. So you find that they come up to this place, they start from this place, go up to the Agnya Chakra and then they cross over. (...)

So this Agnya Chakra is a gate, is the door of heaven. and everyone has to pass through it. Now on this chakra resides the great incarnation of our Lord, Jesus Christ. In our Indian Shastras, he is called as Mahavishnu, the son of Radhaji. And His essences are made of eleven Rudras, means eleven destroying powers. But the governing essence, the main essence is that of Shri Ganesha means innocence. So He is the embodiment of innocence. Innocence means complete purity. And His body was not made out of Mother Earth, in the sense that He never had a body that was perishable. It is Aumkara. So when He died, He ascended. That is the fact, He ascended. And because He was a person made of Aumkara. Now as He is the son of Radhaji, you can see the relationship between Him and the relationship between other deities very easily. About Mahavishnu, it is written in the Devi Bhagvat.

(...) When the Kundalini rises and stops here, at the Agnya, here, you have to say Lord’s prayer, otherwise, it would not open. To awaken Jesus Christ, if you do not awaken Him, it would not open. You have to take His name otherwise it would not open, proves it was Christ who was ruling. Or even if you take the name of Mahavishnu, it opens. So Mahavishnu and Jesus Christ are the same. So you must see the proof of it. And just because you want to believe that Christ is your own and discard everybody else as heathens, you are sadly mistaken. Absolutely you are sadly mistaken. (...)

Now, this Agnya Chakra can be opened when the Kundalini goes up and opens it up. But suppose if you are too much ego oriented, then you have turned it so tight say, the two ropes have turned it so tight that nothing can pass through. Or if you are too much of a superego and a frightened personality and dominated one, then also it is twisted so badly that Agnya Chakra cannot open up. So what we have to do is to give a balance through the Agnya Chakra by moving left to the right or right to the left according to the need, which you will understand in the technique of Sahaja Yoga – after realization, not now.

Now when the balance is established then the chakras, the Agnya Chakra becomes little also better off, because there is no twist on it. And then only, when the Kundalini rises, She can push through. If you are a normal person, if you are not an ego and superego type, then there is no problem to raise your Kundalini through your Agnya. But say in Delhi, since I have come, I have been working on the Agnya morning till evening. People are extremely ego oriented. They all think that they are the administrator of the whole world. Delhi is full of this Agnya. Such proud and such vain people are here that they always think that they are ruling the whole World. They are the people who are the administrators and the great people belonging to politics, this that. All ego oriented. (...)

This is a very important point which people must know. That, that was the great job He did: was to establish Himself at the Agnya Chakra to suck these two things. And when He sucks these two, when He sucks these, then we are above our Karmas, our sins, and our papas. (...)

And thus we understand that the Agnya Chakra which is the most important door through which everybody has to pass, everybody has to pass, and that has to be properly worshipped and kept clean. For that, you must keep your attention very clean. Your attention has to be clean. If your attention is spoiled then your Agnya Chakra will not be alright. (...)

The people who talk of Baptism, like John the Baptist, he was really a realized soul and when he raised the Kundalini and put the water on the head, he really gave them realization. That is baptism. Christian means a baptized person. (...)

Now how do you do it in Sahaja Yoga? As you have the photograph you may use it. Put a light before the photograph. Light is the way you cure your Agnya Chakra. Always. Light or the sun. Because Christ resides in the sun. So what you do is to put a light in front. Take another light behind and give an aarti to your Agnya Chakra at the back. It is resided by Maha Ganapati and Maha Bhairava. So you just give it an aarti and Agnya Chakra will open.

But how do you open this? Very simple thing is that any thought comes to you, you should say ‘I forgive’. This is the greatest weapon Christ has given us. You just say ‘I forgive, I forgive’, and you can overcome your ego. This is the mantra for this Chakra in the front, where you just say ‘I forgive, I forgive, I forgive’ and you will find your Agnya Chakra will open out and you will find your ego will go away. Forgiveness is one of the biggest weapons human beings have got. (...)

Even Christ said I am the Light, I am the path. Because He is the Aumkara. He is the path. And He is the door, He is the gate. And everybody will have to pass through His gate. (1983-02-03)

Other Spellings

Agya, Ajna