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Anand is pure joy, bliss, the perfect state in which man should be.

Anand is the feeling of joy that He gets by His perception by His creation.(77,01,01)

Anand is the joy. Because God is joy. He created this universe not to make us serious and unhappy and sulky. See how many flowers, how many beautiful things, how many pleasant things He did for us. For us to enjoy He has created all this not to indulge into nonsense, into filth, into dirt, the dirt of the mind, is filled with filthy ideas. But to have a clean heart and to have a clean morality within us. He has created this beautiful world for the spirit without that you cannot enjoy. You cannot enjoy unless and until you have a clean morality in you, you cannot enjoy. And that joy is your own once you get your Realization. This joy is the compassion and grace of God. When the Kundalini first rises through one small thread, she touches the Brahmarandra, just one thread. She opens it and does the job. Because here is the seat of Sadashiva, here is the seat of your spirit. When it touches the spirit, that seat, the flow of the bliss starts coming on your sympathetic nervous system and you will relax. First thing happens to you is relax. The grace. Only one thread has reached and then the flow that is going to take which one is the Brahma is the power of God going through You. This is what you have to get. (81,04,03)