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Atmasakshatkar is the experience of the spirit.


Every Indian knows that the Kundalini has to be awakened to get to Atma Sakshatkar, to get to Self-realisation. (1982-11-26)

In our Indian scriptures it is clearly written: “Without Atma Sakshatkar, your life is useless. But what is Atma Sakshatkar? It’s the knowledge about yourself. How can you have that knowledge, unless and until you become one with this All-pervading Power? (/sahastrara-puja-2001/ 2001-05-06)

Now if we have to see for our own ascent – as they say in Koran, Miraj – in India this thing is called as Self-realization, Atma Darshan, or you can call it, Atma Sakshatkar. If you really want it – it’s very easy and has to be easy, because it is so vital. And when that works out, you actually experience it and it can be tallied with the description of it. The trouble is we are so mental. We want to derive everything on a mental level. But thank God, this scientist has found out something for your mind to go round and round and round and reach the point. Because I think sometimes this mind, which is filled with all kinds of false ideas – sometimes slightly right ideas or sometimes real ideas – they go on bombarding in your head. And this scientist has said that you have to go to the vacuum, which Jung has described as thoughtless awareness, to become thoughtless. When you become thoughtless, then you can see, feel Reality. (1998-07-05)