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AUM is the first sound of the creation of the universe, also known as Logos.


AUM is a word that people don’t understand because it is at the very beginning of this creation that the energy of God, energy of His Love separated from His identity. He pushed Her, called it as Lasik, He pushed Her to create and He became the spectator and She had to create. At that time when She was pushed... when He tried to push Her, Her movement went into a kind of a word which is written as “A” “U” and “M” ... So there are three words in it. At the time of that pushing when the separation took place, there was a sound, the first sound and that sound is called as AUM. So many people call it as logos, but to understand it you have to go deeper into it, what is involved... So AUM is the sound which is emitted when she creates, which acts as the basis of the essence of Her Love... this AUM is the one that She first used to create the innocence on this Earth... AUM is nothing but the innocence that you see in children, in so many people, in saints and in most of the incarnations. They are empowered by their innocence and this innocence first filled the whole space. Even before creating the space the innocence was there. That was the first creation of element and that was the innocence. (83,09,29)


Shri Mataji's Handwritten