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A bandhan is a protection given to oneself, another person or a situation. It is a request for Divine Attention.



Whether you meditate for five minutes or ten minutes, for those five or ten minutes one must meditate with complete oneness of attention. Humbly bow down and meditate. But before meditation, one must understand it very carefully. Before meditating, give a bandhan to the place where you are going to sit for meditation, give yourself a bandhan, give your body a bandhan, seven times give your body a bandhan, give that place a bandhan, give bandhan to the photograph. This is not to be done in a mechanical way, like many people do, but with humility and shraddha (faith) one must give a bandhan – as if one is doing a puja. After that, give your mana a bandhan. Now where is mana? You have never asked me, “Mother, where is the mana?” Mana is here, it starts from here. Meaning you must give a strong bandhan to the Vishuddhi and Agnya chakras. Mana has to be given a bandhan. While giving bandhan, one must have this thought, that “O Lord, let us remain in your bandhan and nothing untoward may happen to us.” Bow down with extreme humility. At that time, just assume that you are in the witness state and detached from everything. Just make yourself detached from everything and meditate.


So there are problems and problems. Problems are physical. Then we have problems, problems of a particular type of life you are leading or problems of the country where you are living. All kinds of problems are there. Now all these problems also can be solved collectively. Now supposing you think there is a problem here. Some people told Me that there is no proper democracy. All right, you all sit down and give a bandhan, all of you, give a bandhan together for this problem and it will be solved. Any kind of a basic problem which is corroding the life of people in any country can be solved very simply.... This bandhan works very well and you have to use this bandhan for all kinds of big problems in the collective, any national problems or international problems. You can work it out on your bandanas and really you can solve the problems. It is not so difficult. Giving bandhan is a very good thing, works out in such a tremendous way and so efficiently, very efficiently it works out.... For problems which are collective problems you must give a collective bandhan, whichever are personal you can give personal bandhan.


We have made it short now: just take a bandhan. It is the same thing as Karachi [the Kavach of the Devi]. Realized souls, if they take a bandhan, it is the same thing. Whatever you have said here is done, yesterdays and todays, everything that has been said, all these Raksha Kari is done in one stroke.... It is very important, going on a journey, going on a road, better take a bandhan, not that we are all right, Mother is looking after us, is not the point. You must take bandhan before doing all these things. If you get an accident, then know that you have done some mistakes or something otherwise. Normally, there should be not an accident. It means there is something still lacking in you.


First raise the Kundalini and then give a bandhan. It means you reach that state and then give the bandhan.



Bandhan (Hindi) means bond