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Bhakti is where you sing the praise of God, have devotion, do all kinds of rituals, everything and you think that you are very close to God. (2001/07/29)

Bhakti is devotion... bhakti is only possible when you become one with the Divine. Otherwise, it’s just a show. (1998/08/16)

Bhakti is only possible if you have your faith... So your faith in God has to be absolutely, absolutely untarnishable. Nothing can disturb that. That’s very important. You have seen all the miracles of God, you have seen how you’re working out his powers. You have known all these things. But still the faith in God is missing. The person who has complete faith on God is called as the one … is God himself they say. Is called as Paramchaitanya. The guru is called as the one who is himself Brahmachaitanya. (1992/07/19)


Bhakti (Sanskrit: भक्ति) literally means "attachment, participation, fondness for, homage, faith, love, devotion, worship, purity"... (more)