From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

A bodhi (or bodh) is a person who is enlightened.

To prove that there is divine power, which is all-pervading, first you have to become a realized soul. You have to become a person who is enlightened, a Buddha. The word is bodh. It comes from “enlightenment” and those who are enlightened are very different personalities from that which they were before. They become very powerful, powerful in the sense that they have the power of love – not the power as they once knew it. It is the power of love that acts, that works. They are amazed at themselves, how they have been able to do so many things which they never before would have done. Each personality becomes very sensible, wise and absolutely in balance. (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Journey Within, page 147. See 1998-07-06.)