From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

Brahma is the all-pervading power of God or the power of God that creates.

The power of Brahma is the power that creates, that desires, that evolves and it gives the living force also. It is the power which is giving us the living force (81-03-11)

So, the first, just the being, is Brahma, where nothing exists. We say ‘nothing’. When we say nothing, it is a relative word: because we do not exist, so we say ‘nothing exists’ – it’s a relative word. When we are not existing, for us everything is ‘nothing’. There is something, but that is not ourselves. And that’s why, relatively, we say it is ‘nothing’. It’s only the word Brahma, we can say. You can think of an energy, if you want to, an energy-form that exists. But the energy accumulates at a point and forms a nucleus. The energy that thinks, energy that is distributed, accumulates at a point, concentrates on a point, you can say, and this point is the point we call as Sadashiva. (77-02-20)