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The more you love from your heart, the more the joy will be there. The more you are rational and more mental, there won’t be so much joy. It should be [that] first of all your cleansing is important but the projection should be towards your Mother, that is the height. Once you achieve that height, then you become all-powerful, and then you can give to others. But that giving is nothing but is a very, very, as I told you is a very mutual and absolutely reciprocal. Because the Devi knows about you, everything. If you are trying anything else, She knows and She will also tell you frankly that this should not be done, that should not be done, should not be done, clearly, so that you do not be under any misunderstandings about it. But still, to work it out, you must know it has to be reciprocal, it cannot be one-sided. The sincerity cannot be one-sided, it has to be both sides, then it works out better. And a kind of a homogeneous feeling with that Love comes in, sort of a lubricant, a beautiful feeling of movement within yourself comes in.(1980-07-19)

The first thing is that Kundalini is the Devi. She’s the reflection of the Adi Shakti. So when you worship Devi, first you worship also your own Kundalini by giving Her credit because She has given you this realization. It’s much deeper understanding than normally people have about the Devi Puja because they are not realized, souls. Their Kundalini not is awakened. So normally when they do Devi Puja it’s for the purpose of getting realization so that the Devi should be pleased – prasanna – and should give them realization, or must get our chance to get to somebody who will give them realization. But you are at a different level now. So it’s more of a thanksgiving to your own Kundalini and to Adi Shakti, glorifying that whatever has happened so miraculously is because of the Kundalini which was within you, which was reflected by the Adi Shakti. (1989-10-08)

So the ascent starts evolving. In that, the play of the Devi is the Navaratri – in your ascent – from ages. Navaratri that’s why is the most important Puja. In Sahaja Yoga, Navaratri is the most important puja I would say. Though we can say in modern Sahaja Yoga Sahastrar Day is, because that’s how you started getting your Realization. But if you go to the whole historical events of evolution you’ll find [that] Navaratri is the one which has brought you to Sahasrara. Without the help of the Devi at different stages of your ascent, you could not have been in a position to receive your Realization. So all the steps that you took in the past are today worshiped and are used for thanking the Devi for what She did to bring you down here. So it’s like a thanksgiving. Without Her work nothing could have happened.

So when we read about the Devi, about Her incarnations: how She came on this Earth to save Her bhaktas, people who were trying to ascend, to cross this bhavasagara, how She worked hard, how She fought the devils, how She fought, She killed the demons single-handed, She took upon Herself the responsibility of making the people cross the bhavasagara.

Guru gave you the strength to have dharma but She is the one who brought you out. Even those who were dharmic could not do it because of the demonic pressure. She’s the one who fought single-handed with Her powers of destruction. In Her love for you, She fought. She brought you to this level. And then She took a milder form of incarnation. Even during the time of all the gurus She took the form of, as you know, Janaki was the daughter of Janaka, then Fatima was the daughter of Mohammed Sahib and Nanaki was the sister of Nanaka. In those forms, these Powers sustained and nourished the Guru Tattwa. And later on, or sometimes simultaneously, They incarnated in milder forms to help human beings to rise.

So today is the day of thanksgiving. As Guru Puja is a day of thanksgiving to your Guru, the One who has counseled you, the One who has told you about the Truth, the One who has taught you the Truth and has given you Realisation. And the Devi puja is a thanksgiving where single-handed, just like a very loving mother, under Her sari, She protected you, fought for you, fought with every enemy that is around, every sort of problems that existed and ultimately brought [you] into Sahasrara level and then gave you Realisation. It’s a real thanksgiving to the Mother. (...)

So we come to the position that Navaratri today is not the work of Mother only, which She did so far, is the work of every one of you. I cannot do it single-handed. If I could, there was no need for you to be here, I would have built the aeroplane, put you there, pushed them some or other, lock it up and put you there. It’s not possible. You all have to carry your own aeroplanes. Build it up and carry it yourself with dignity, not like small children. So you have to mature. And for that maturity, it’s a collective thing that has to take place. In the beginning, in the school, they’ll teach you two plus two is equal to four. But when you go to the college, you have to do it yourself, solve the problem yourself. And that’s what it is today. Sahaja Yoga is good, you get your Realization in these modern times, but the maturity has to take place, otherwise [it’s] useless. Up to the seed, it was alright, but once it is sprouted it must become the tree, otherwise it’s useless. And that all of you have to do together, helping each other, understanding each other. And everyone has to work it out. Even if one person suffers, I suffer. The whole thing has become collective. The Devi has become collective. It’s a venture. It’s a venture, I know, too much of it. There was no other way out. It’s like the crucifixion of every part of Your body, every cell of Your body. But it’s alright. (1985-10-19)

I would say, with this, today’s special celebration of Navaratri. Like yesterday you saw Shri Durga’s nine forms, also. In that, one is Kushmanda, is one of the forms, that you absorb all the filth in yourself, in your stomach. But the Devi does that, not you. What the Devi can do, you should not do, that’s her job, that She is supposed to do this, not you. What you have to do is to only be in silence so that you absorb whatever will increase that silence, will increase your depth. The Devi will look after all the rest of the things, she’ll look after all the filth, all the anger, all the temper, all the everything that’s going on in this world. She will absorb all that, but what you have to do is to just enjoy everything that is pure. Enjoyment is only possible when you are beyond your mind, with your mind you can never enjoy, it is like a big load. It will not act, it will not help. Enjoyment comes when you are in complete silence, in a rippleless lake, the reflection of all the joy that is created on the shores of that lake are completely reflected, they are not deflected, if they were repulsed it would have been a different image altogether and would have been something nowhere near the image of reality.

So one must have a mind which is kept lower than reality. In the reality actually, it is nothing but peace and joy. Now a mother’s desire is always that her children should have nothing but peace and joy, no sufferings, no starvation, no ordeals, nothing – they must just enjoy. Now those days are gone, but even to enjoy this, even to live in that complete peaceful state, you have to be non-reflective. Now you watch yourself, you will be amazed how much reflecting you have. When Devi is doing all the job for you, when Paramachaitanya, I don’t know how many things it is doing, is trying to fill up the whole atmosphere with this activity. What is your activity should be to stop your mental activity. You’ll be amazed in that state only you will grow. With that growth only, you will become like this scientist. How the contradiction now is that when you have your depth you can project your depth, not your mind. Sometimes when I say project, people think it is the projection of the mind, no. You have to project that depth, that reality that is within you for that, you don’t have to think, you don’t have to plan, it will just work, but you will be the instrument for that projection. It is nothing subtle, it is very simple to understand. Like, when I am talking about this instrument, alright, now if this instrument is absolutely alright, there is no problem in it, it will be peaceful. But if this is full of ideas and thoughts like our brain is, whatever I’m saying will not be the same that will be broadcasted. In the same way, when our mind is full of turmoil and arguments and what you can say, comments or we can also say the reflection. Then what happens is that this mind gets into like a whirlpool of disturbances and it cannot project itself fully because it is disturbed, it is not a normal thing. So now you’ll understand, there’s no contradiction. You can only project yourself when you are absolutely peaceful, and this is what we have to learn. (1995-10-01)