Devi Upanishad

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One of the later Upanishads (12th century?), being part of the Atharva veda.

All the gods waited upon the Goddess (and asked): ‘Great Goddess, who are You ?’

She replied: I am essentially Brahman. From Me (has proceeded) the world comprising Prakriti and Purusha, the void and the Plenum. I am bliss and non-bliss. Knowledge and ignorance are Myself. Brahman and non-Brahman are to be known – says the scripture of the Atharvans. I am the five elements as also what is different from them. I am the entire world. I am the Veda as well as what is different from it. I am the unborn; I am the born. Below and above and around am I. I move with Rudras and Vasus, with Adityas and Visvedevas. Mitra and Varuna, Indra and Agni, I support, and the two Asvins. I uphold Soma, Tvastir, Pusan and Bhaga, The wide-stepping Vishnu, Brahma, Prajapati. To the zealous sacrificer offering oblation And pressing the Soma-juice do I grant wealth; I am the state, the Bringer of Wealth; Above it all, place I its protector. Who so knows my essence in the water of the inner sea, Attains he the Goddess’s abode.

Bibliographical notes

From the translation by Dr. A. G. Krishna Warrier (Chennai: Theosophical Publishing House) [1] See also the prose summary in N.S.Subrahmanian, Encyclopedia of the Upanisads (New Delhi: Sterling, 1985):303-304.

French translation: Devi Upanisad, publiee et traduite par Jean Varenne (Paris: Adrien Maisonneuve, 1971), reviewed in the Journal of the American Oriental Society v93(3) 1973:375-376.

[from Visions and Prophecies of the Divine Feminine]