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Ganapatipule is located in Nirmal Nagari and is the place of Shri Mahaganesha. It is also the place which was specially selected by Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who has immortalized it by celebrating Christmas Puja there with thousands of Sahaja Yogis continuously for nearly two decades. it is a special location vibrated over the years with Mother's Divinity and vibrations of the global collective.

“Ganapatipule has a special significance – because He is Mahaganesha. The Ganesha at Mooladhara becomes Mahaganesha in the Virata, that is the brain . . . The main root, as they call the taproot, the main root is innocence, is Shri Ganesha. And He becomes Mahaganesha in Ganapatipule. . . Here He’s surrounded by the Father Principle, the Guru Principle of the sea, the ocean – the Indian Ocean. That is, here He becomes a Guru . . . Here, as we see in Ganapatipule, Shri Ganesha is in its complete matured form; so that we develop also our Mahaganesha within ourselves . . . (1986/01/01)

“The other day somebody was asking Me how did You find Ganapatipule. Actually, I didn’t know, and in Maharashtra this is not a very well-known place. They go to [Ashtavinayakas|Ashta Vinayak] but not to this Mahaganapati. They had no idea. But I was coming back from Ratnagiri and I saw really a very big star on top of this temple. But nobody could see it, that’s the problem is. At that time, no sahaja yogis could see it. So, I told them, let us follow this star. It was a very big, big one, unusually big, not like a star, but quite a big, big star, very unusual. But they couldn’t see it. Other people who were with Me they said that we can’t see it. I said, doesn’t matter. So, I told them to turn it, turn it from this Hadkamba they call it, and let us go on this another road. And we just followed it. They of course listened to Me, and they did not argue. And we were travelling, travelling, we were quite late, but still I [said], “Doesn’t matter, it’s alright, let’s go”. By the time we reached Ganapatipule, it was the dawn, beautiful dawn, I can’t forget that. And in that dawn, we see such a beautiful place here where we are now. And I said, this is the place where we have to be, where we have to get all the sahaja yogis to. Of course, you know that Rabindranath Tagore has already described about this place that people will come here from all over the world and at the shore of Bharat this will be done. All these are predicted, have been done already, but how miraculously I discovered this place is very surprising as those three great men discovered Christ. And the place was really blessed and was very beautifully vibrated. I stayed here for two days and I decided that this is the place we have to take”... (1999/12/25)

It’s not a place you have come for a holiday or just for some sort of a relaxation or for some enjoyment or sleeping or anything, but you have come here for a penance, for a tapasya, to clear out yourself completely. This is a place of Shri Ganesha’s temple which is not very much frequented by people and it’s still very, very pure. And I thought that the Ganesh principle will be awakened in you which is the source of everything.(1985/12/31)


Ganpatipule (Gaṇpatīpuḷē) is a small town located in the Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra,[2][3] in the sub-continent of India. The town of Chiplun is located to its north... (more)