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== Video ==
== Video ==

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The principle of Ganesha is extremely subtle. It is the subtlest of subtle. And it exists in everything. It exists in the matter in the form of vibrations.... Shri Ganesha is the first one who was established in the matter. As a result, we can see He exists in the sun. He exists on the moon. He exists in the whole universe, in the whole creation and He continues to exist in human beings also.... He can go on a little mouse so He must be very minute. He is as minute as He is great. He surpasses all the Deities because of His wisdom. He is the giver of wisdom. He gives us wisdom. He makes us learn. He is our guru in that respect, Mahaguru, because He teaches us how we should behave. If you try to surpass Him and try to misbehave, even the Mother won’t support because She knows that those who surpass Shri Ganesha are also the people who will never respect the Mother. So He is the epitome of respect for Mother – the epitome. He does not know any other Gods. He does not know Sadashiva. He does not know anybody else, but He only respects the Mother. So He is the one who is the power of devotion and complete surrender to Mother and that is why He is the most powerful Deity among all the Deities and nobody can surpass Him in His power.

Kartikeya was the son of Parvati Uma, who was just a mother of these two children, Ganesha and Kartikeya.... Kartikeya represents the great captain or the leader of all the ganas, like a commander-in-chief. Ganesha is the king, but He is the commander-in-chief.... To be in command is different from being a master. The master owns it. A commander does not own it. He does not own it. That is also lost, possession is also lost. We just command it. And that is the state we have to come to now, from Ganesha state to the state of Kartikeya – the other way around. Ganesha is nice. He is the king, very nicely sitting down with all the powers. In a sense He is there, but Kartikeya is the one who commands innocence, gives you a power of that commandment.... at commanding spirit comes in the men through their talking, through their dynamism, through their personal achievements; for the women through their loving power, through their forbearance, through their gracious behaviour, forgiveness, compassion. So let us develop that today, that we can command it. That means it is not that which we have, but in a position we are to command. I hope you understand what is Kartikeya. (Shri Ganesha Puja 1989)



But when Parvati made Shri Ganesha, He was the son of Parvati alone. There was no Father. Parvati Herself wanted to have a child of Her own. There were angels who were dedicated either to Vishnu or to Shiva, like ganas were dedicated to Shiva alone. So, She wanted to have Her own Son who can permeate Her powers on this Earth.

So to begin with when the Shakti created this universe and Sadashiva was watching Her creation, the first thing She created on this Earth was innocence and the embodiment of that innocence was Shri Ganesha.

The whole Universe was covered with innocence, which we call as Aumkara. This innocence protected all the creation of the world and penetrated into all that is matter. The matter is innocent. If you hit the matter, it will hit you back because it is built like that. It doesn’t want to harm you by any method except that if you try to hit it, it hits you back, in its own nature. So it was called as Jada, the one that acts according to the built-in nature.

Innocence in the animals is of another kind, where the animals do not know that they are committing crimes. Animals when they say, kill an animal, another animal, or trespass your properties, create nuisance all over, they don’t know they are committing a sin or they are disobeying some laws. (...)

But when going to a higher state, the Mother Shakti, the Primordial Mother thought of creating a personality who will protect the innocence of human beings. Above the matter, above the animals, She created Shri Ganesha. And you know the story of Shri Ganesha how He got the head of an elephant – symbolizing that Shri Ganesha, though He is a human being, He is like an animal as far as His head is concerned, that too of Shri Gajanana, in the sense that He has got the head of an elephant which is the wisest animal in the animal kingdom. So in such a head, which is innocent, the ego cannot develop. There is no ego. It’s an ego-less state. (...)

Shri Ganesha has four hands and the hand that carries the destructive weapon of Parasha is the one you have to be careful about. That is His job and if you neglect Him, that force will act and act so vehemently that despite your realization you may not be able to save yourself. Do not take your realization for granted. Unless and until your Ganesha is settled, your realization has no meaning at all. Watch yourself, have you got adulterous eyes? Have you got an adulterous mind? What is your expectation about Sahaja Yoga? So many think that in Sahaja Yoga God blesses you, then you must get a good amount of health, money, and position, power.

The first thing you must ask for is the pure Ganesha, Nirmal Ganesha within you. “Oh, Mother, please give us the blessings of the establishment of purity in our Ganesh principle.” In relationships, in attitudes, in behavior, try to judge yourself, are you innocent? (...)

When you have the power of Shri Ganesha, your eyes are radiant, you get a spark in your eye, a light in your eye. When He is enlightened in you, then you cannot look at anyone with lust and greed. But this glance is so powerful that even one glance is sufficient to purify thousands of people. Just the opening of the eyes are necessary and you find the whole thing changes into a beautiful morning from a completely dark night. Glance can awaken the Kundalini.

The Mother Kundalini cannot move, unless and until Shri Ganesha gives the permission. He is like the Vice-Chancellor sitting on all the chakras. He has to certify, “All right. Pass. Go” . [laughs]

On every chakra. And when the kundalini rises, Shri Ganesha is awakened, otherwise, Kundalini cannot rise. But then when He sleeps down, Kundalini sucks, is sucked by Him.

Now we think we have lost our innocence. That’s not easy to be lost. It is not destructible. Only thing, what you have done, is to cover it with something that cannot allow Shri Ganesha’s principle to manifest in us. You have pushed it down. You have brought pressure on it. You have brought loads and loads of nonsense on it. That’s all, but it never dies. It is an eternal principle of the whole universe.

Another quality of a person who is endowed with Shri Ganesha’s powers is that He removes all the hurdles. If one person of this nature is in some place, all the rest of the people who are nearby will be saved if there’s an accident or if there’s any problem, which is destructive, all of them will be saved. You will find this happening to you.

He being the Ganapati, He is now the Master of all the Ganas. He guides you. Sahaja Yoga cannot work out without Shri Ganesha. He is the one who is Sahaja. He is the one who creates all spontaneity of the world. He is the one who takes you to the right path. He is the one who gives you everything easily. He is the one who creates all the chamatkaras [miracle, astonishement], all the magic, all the miracles of the world. He is the Ganapati. He is the one who is sitting on Ganas, in the sense that He is like the king of all the Ganas. The one who has pleased Shri Ganesha has pleased all the Gods and Goddesses because all the Gods and Goddesses are pleasing Shri Ganesha, so what is the need? And Shri Ganesha is very clever, He knows : please His Mother is the only simple thing He has to do. To have all the powers of the world, just keep the Mother pleased.

There are so many qualities of Shri Ganesha, which can be described. He is the one who gives us the joy of eating. If you eat some food, you may like it, you may not like it but He is the one who will tell you this is made by Sahaja yogis, made by your Mother. That means He gives you the taste of love in the food, that is cooked for you. Because He is love. He gives you the ideas how to express your love. (...)

And then you see that flowers which you suddenly bring out, you put there, is all Shri Ganesha’s efforts, His ways, His suggestions. Among the creation, flowers are expressing Shri Ganesha’s essence. And the essence of Shri Ganesha comes from the Mother Earth’s essence, is the fragrance. So a person who is endowed with Shri Ganesha’s blessings has fragrance, sometimes chandan, sometimes roses, sometimes this gardenia. You just don’t know from where the fragrance is coming. The fragrance is coming from Shri Ganesh and that is what is the magnet within you. Such a person is fragrant, absolutely fragrant all the time. Shri Ganesha emits all kinds of fragrance from such a person. And that you can only feel when your Shri Ganesha is all right. There’s no end to the description of this great Deity within you. He’s just settled down there, He’s all the time there, waiting to be cleansed out, for Him to raise His head, like a lotus in the mud. You just help it out by respecting it and He’ll be there, fragrant within you. (1986-09-07)

Shri Ganesha, as I told you, was incarnated as Jesus Christ, and Jesus was also a very innocent person. If he was not innocent, He would not have been crucified, but he was not a cunning fellow to see the cunning of others. His own disciple deceived him and still he knew who it was, he never said who it was. If you see his life, it's full of innocent beauty, is such a simple-hearted personality, such a good personality and wherever he saw anything wrong done he is to go all out to fight it. Same is Shri Ganesha. ...

Now Shri Ganesha’s another quality is that he is extremely obedient to Mother. He does not recognize even Shiva, Vishnu, anyone. To him his Mother is everything. So he can fight with his father, Shiva, he can fight with anyone because to him is complete obedience and absolutely quick ‘Tatpar’, just quickly understands what is the desire of the Mother and he works it out. His style is otherwise very innocent, simple, child-like but His work is tremendous. Now these Ganas are also very innocent people, very innocent but when told that you have to attend to a particular problem, they are extremely quick and they are very fast.

The another thing within is that he respects people who are chaste, who have chastity as the prime thing in their life. Chastity is very much worshiped by him. It's not only in women but also in men, he expects chastity to be present. After getting realization you should be absolutely chaste people, you shouldn’t have your eyes rolling around everywhere and sort of what you can call a very bad method of communicating with young women and young men and spoiling your chastity. (...)

Another thing about Shri Ganesh is that he is created out of the Mother earth. He is absolutely created out of the mother Earth. So if he doesn’t like people of some country, who are doing black magic, or who are doing fundamentalism and where people are also having very bad morals. He creates problems for them. What happens that He tells the Mother earth to create the earthquakes. Earthquake takes place in places where there is no respect of chastity, also where there are fundamentalists and also where there are people who are worshipping the black magic. (1999-09-25)