Hazrat Ali

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Hazrat Ali who was the husband of Fatima(1983-10-20).

And Hazrat Ali [The son-in-law of the prophet Mohammed] is a very, very great incarnation where only once, only once Brahmadeva has incarnated and He has incarnated as Hazrat Ali…

Unless and until you take Hazrat Ali’s name, your Swadisthan Chakra cannot be cured, and all the Sahaja Yogis know about it. (1977-03-21)

Abu-Bakr became head of the Islam, Abu-Bakr and he was a fundamentalist. Actually, it was Hazrat Ali who had to become the head, Ali had to become. But somehow or rather Abu-Bakr managed. He was a very ambitious man to become the head of the Islam. Is a history I’m telling you. Now when he became, he tried to argue with Hazrat Ali and he said that whatever written in the Quran is alright and he added his own things also to it. Now Hazrat Ali you know had a fight with him… Now, what happened? It’s a history where the turning point took place. As you know Hazrat Ali became head but later on, he was killed and his two sons were killed and the wife of Mohammad Sahib, Ayesha was told that you will go and fight against the truth and you will know it when the dogs will bark. So when she went on the other side, It’s called as Hava, it happened and dogs started barking still she didn’t listen and she went and told the other side of the people that whatever is Abu-Bakr is saying is alright, you listen to Abu-Bakr. So the drift started that time and as you know later on Hassan and Hossein both were killed in Karbala. That’s how Shi’a and Sunni two parts started. I must say thank God you are Shie’as. Because Shie’as believe in many things which are the truth. One they believe that you will become a Wali. You have to become a Wali. We have Hazrat Ali who was himself according to our Sahaja Yoga, he was an Incarnation as Mohammad Sahib was. We worship Mohammad Sahib, Hazrat Ali and Fatima. For us, they are much more than you know in Quran, which later on you’ll find out how they are related to India. They are very very great souls who came on this earth and because these fanatics didn’t understand them, they killed them. So then these Shie’as started feeling sad and having the Maatam (Mourning), you know. For that, they started wearing black clothes and having Maatam. But the time is over now. (1993-10-09)

For the Quran there is a fellow called Mohaya who authorized the Quran. He killed three kalifas. He killed Hazrat Ali. He killed his two sons, Hazrat Ali’s two sons and his mother ate the liver of one of the kalifas. At least, even Hitler never ate somebody’s liver. Such a horrible man like him has authorized the Quran. (1994-07-30)


Ali (/ˈɑːli, ɑːˈliː/; Arabic: علي‎, translit. ʿAlī, pronounced [ʕaliː]; 13 Rajab, 21 BH – 21 Ramadan, AH 40 (15 September 601 – 29 January 661)) was the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. He ruled as the fourth caliph from 656 to 661 and was the first Imam of Shia Islam from 632 to 661 (more)