From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

(19880710 Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja)

In dreams Mahamaya protects. It is very surprising how people get dreams and how they get their medicines, how they get their treatment, how they understand the dangers that are there, how in dreams they are told about how other people are, how they behave. You do not have to know it in the conscious mind, but into the very, very deep sushupti state in dreams, you know what is good for you, what is bad for you. Somehow they know. It is that knowledge which is intuitive, we can call it. It comes through Mahamaya. She is the one who gives you this intuitive knowledge, what is to be done, how to get out of problems. And you do. Whether you manage it or not, you get out of it. (1994-05-08)

Men are more intelligent, no doubt. But women have intuition. But you do not have to argue. It will happen. The way you have intuition will happen and they will learn a lesson, so that you don't assert yourself. It will all work out the way you like because you have intuition. You have understood what's going to happen. And you will be amazed how it will work out…. By intuition, you will know we are not going to be late, so you develop your intuition, not intelligence…. In Sahaja Yoga, all these men and women I have managed through My intuition. But the intuition of women in the West is very poor because they are very argumentative. So you see, the special quality with this intuition must be developed…. The main thing is that you develop your intuition and live with your intuition and whatever is your intuition will come true because intuition is coming from the Ganas. So the left side is to be developed in a way for the Ganas to be pleased. And once you develop the Ganas with you, nobody can touch you. (1988-07-09)

If you develop that discretion within you, through your meditative powers, you develop intuition. And intuition is nothing but the help of the Ganas, which are surrounding you. If you learn to take help from the Ganas, you can become very intuitive and, without much intelligence of yours, you can say the right thing. The whole of Sahaja Yoga, I would say, fifty percent at least out of that, is based on intuition. (1988-07-10)

The Ganas give you the intuition. For example, I have to go somewhere and then what I say is that “No, I won’t be able to go there tomorrow.” And I won’t go somehow. And people think, “Mother, how do You know?” I know because the Ganas are there and what they say is the truth. They know all about it. (1988-07-10)

For a Sahaja Yogi, it is important to understand that they have to work out their discretion in a manner that they develop their intuition. I would say the first thought could be the intuition.... Ask Me to reside in your Hamsa chakra so that you are all the time stationed in the power of discretion. With discretion we have evolved to the human state and, to go further, we have to develop our innate discretion, which I think is the essence of all the religions. Of all the adventures we have had, of all the lives which we have known, it is the discretion around which everything moves. (1988-07-10)