John the Baptist

From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

A Jewish prophet and seer who led a movement of baptism at the Jordan river. He baptised Jesus and is seen by Christians as having prepared the way for him.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has stated that John the Baptist was a realised soul who used the water to raise the Kundalinis of those he baptised (1981-0817, 1983-0203) and who had the authority of the Divine (1980-0611, 1982-0419, 1983-0525).

The people who talk of Baptism, like John the Baptist, he was really a realised soul and when he raised the Kundalini and put the water on the head, he really gave them realisation. That is ‘baptism’. Christian means a baptised person, but not any Dick, Tom and Harry can put his hand on your head and say you are realised. (1983-0203)

Only you will be saved by God if you are authorized. You must get your second birth. You must really get your real living baptism. John the Baptist, he tried it. He tried, didn’t work out, didn’t work out. He was the only person, who was a realized soul. He tried. (1980-0929)