Journey Within

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"Journey Within - The Final Steps to Self Realization" is a 240 page book introducing Sahaja Yoga to the general public. The book is composed entirely from the words of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and was published in 2012 by The Divine Cool Breeze. The book was edited by Richard Payment.


In 2003 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi approved the creation of a new book.  It was to be an amalgam of her talks and lectures, letters and interviews, an editing of her words into one natural and cohesive flow. This is that book. In much the same manner that an editor might approach a fresh volume from a noted author, this project has been received with the same care, respect – and joy. But instead of a single manuscript, the book draws on the sources of almost thirty-five years. Shri Mataji gave more than three thousand recorded public talks in cities and villages around the world. For each audience there was special attention in accordance to their age, nationality, occupation or deepest concern. But whether it was a village school, a medical conference, a gathering of United Nations employees or a suburban hall on a hot summer evening, her central words were the same: introspection, ascent, inner peace and, most important of all, a realization of the true self. With humor and love, she both guided and listened. And so this book draws from more than fifty of those sources – from 1975 to 2003, from London and Los Angeles, Sydney and St. Petersburg, Hyderabad and Hong Kong – speeches and lectures from around the world woven into a single narrative.  In this fullest of presentations of her message, Shri Mataji gives explanation to our lives, our evolution and our very next essential steps. From the opening words, “My father felt that I would do something great,” we can sense the trajectory of this tale. We know too that we also are bound for that same greatness. As children, we once knew our destiny, but mostly we have forgotten. With this book, Shri Mataji reminds us. Journey Within is dedicated to those who were not there when Shri Mataji spoke. It is also for those who remember her and want to be reminded again. With this short volume, we offer to you her quintessential message. This book is the story of a journey – our collective journey and our individual journey, an evolution at both levels. And the direction of that journey is always the same. It is a journey within.

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