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Shri Krishna is Kubera. He is the God of wealth. But at the same time, He is a very mischievous God.... Kubera, He is the supplier of wealth. He looks after people who do not have money. He gives money to people who stand by the truth, who enjoy the life of truth. It is by His work that people enjoy wealth, otherwise they do not. They have this much, they want to have more – that means they do not enjoy the wealth.... So this Kubera is working out all these tricks. He is a very tricky, an extremely tricky personality. He puts the tricks, every action after every action. Now money matters – He first befools you that you run after it and then you just discover that it was stupidity.... It is so plain in every way that you should be generous. That is the quality of Kubera. He is an extremely generous personality and that is the personality you should be.... If your Nabhi chakra is satisfied, you have achieved the state of Kubera. That is very important, to see that your Nabhi should be satisfied.... He is doing His job. I should say He is working it out. But people are not understanding that this is a divine blessing. (Shri Kubera Puja 2002 and Shri Krishna Pujas 1997 & 1995 SHRI JESUS Christmas Pujas 2003 & 1993 )

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