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Kundalini is the evolutionary, feminine energy of the divine Mother or the essence of evolution, which nourishes, balances and purifies. She exists in a latent form in every human being, residing in the sacrum bone in three and a half coils. When awakened properly, the Kundalini travels upwards through the central channel, subtly and painlessly cleansing and integrating all the chakras, emerging at the apex of the skull and manifesting as a blissful breeze-like sensation on the head and hands. It is at this point that Self-Realization takes place. This state is maintained through daily meditation. (Kundala means “coil.”)

You have to be like a child when you want to have the blessings of Kundalini because She is your mother and She is all the time following you. She is born again and again within you and She is watching you and She is recording all that you have been doing. And who is doing the recording? In the heart you find there is the flicker of the Spirit, of the Atma which is the reflection of God Almighty. That is the Spirit which records because it witnesses. It is a sakshi. It is a witness. Whatever you are doing in life is all recorded in the Kundalini and at the time of Kundalini awakening She shows. Many people ask Me, “Mother, how do you know?” Because Kundalini is My part. She tells Me all that and I know about their problems because She tells Me. It is all recorded like a tape recorder. You have got the cassette. It is there....

She sleeps there in three and a half coils, very nicely settled down. She is your mother because She gives you your rebirth. Every individual has an individual Kundalini and your Kundalini is so sweet, a mother settled down there and like a tape recorder. She is taking down all that you have done in the name of God. Even if you are a materialistic person, She knows. She knows everything and, while rising, you know She indicates what sort of personality you are, what is the problem, what centres are catching. There could be physical problems, there could be mental problems, there could be spiritual problems, but She feels so anxious to give you the rebirth that at the first shot Kundalini will rise. And then She settles back again into these centres and tries to nourish them and bring them right. She is your Mother. She has only you as Her child. She has no other child and She loves you very much. She follows you all your lives and in this life also. She knows your problems like a tape recorder. She is coiled together in three and a half coils like many threads put in a rope.

When the seeking became subtler and subtler, you reached a state where you wanted to seek the power and the money and then your emotional enjoyment. But when it became the subtlest, you started seeking the Spirit because ultimately you have to become the Spirit. It is natural to be animals, but it is also natural to ascend. Ascending towards the Spirit, one finds a big gap. This gap is filled with Kundalini Awakening. Now this Kundalini is placed in all of you so the whole world has the hope of becoming the Spirit. But people are not seeking in the true way....

Dreams come to you from the Kundalini itself in a way. What happens is the Kundalini is not connected on the central path, but it is the record. It is all our past. All our record is in there. Like a tape recorder has a tape, it is there. And what happens is that when you go very deep ... then the symbolism comes through ... and that is how you start seeing the dreams. But when you are passing through that, you pass through all your subconscious area, so the dreams get distorted. They get a funny symbolism. Sometimes you do not understand what is happening. It becomes a sort of a mixed up expression and to depend on that may not be so much good. Instead of that, we must get the reality. The reality is that you become collectively conscious and you develop this vibratory awareness by which you can feel the All-Pervading Power....

This Kundalini is your mother, your individual mother. She knows everything about Me. She has everything recorded in Her inner coils just like a tape recorder. She knows everything and She is very anxious to give you your Realization. She is the reflection of the Primordial Mother, the Holy Ghost. And She is just waiting.

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 22 February 1977, 15 June 1979, 21 September 1980, 16 September 1983 and 5 October 1993)