From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

The greatest guru that we have is love. Sahaj love is the guru within us, which teaches us, which somehow or other leads us. We are led into that great line of understanding for which we don’t have to go to any college, to any school for education. It is something so much within that it works and expresses itself, expresses like the light. Such people we can make out because they are fully enlightened. They have light and through that light, they see the whole world, which is very innocent and simple for them.

We have love for our children, naturally. We have love for our parents, naturally. We have love for some people, but that love is different from the love I am telling you. That has some connections, some meanings, but this love, which cannot be described in words, has to be felt within.

Same when you talk of your Guru you should have that love within you. Why do you feel so much? The reason is Guru loves you and you love Guru. That is the only reason why you should love your Guru. Now there is no reason for that because love is love. That is how the Guru becomes very important in life. We have people who love their Guru and are very much in a chaste understanding of their love.

In this great opportunity of love that we are, we are here to enjoy each other fully from our heart. That there is this ocean within us, we have to just get submerged in that ocean. If we are lost in that ocean, then we will have no problems, no questions, everything will be our own and we can manage everything without any argument, without any questioning. That is what is being Sahaj. 2004-07-04.

My achievement is the complete manifestation of your divine power. It is very simple, made so simple. I am only pleased by people who are simple, innocent, who are not tricky, who are loving, affectionate to each other. It is very easy to please Me. When I see you loving each other, talking good of each other, helping each other, respecting each other, laughing aloud together, enjoying together each other’s company, I get My first blessing, first joy. Try to love each other in dedication because you are all My children, created out of My love. In the womb of My love, you all have resided. From My heart, I have given you these blessings. I get disturbed, My hands shake and you fall back into the mire again when I see you quarrelling among yourselves. Jealousies and petty things belong to your past life. The help is not so much gross that it is felt, but it is a very deeper sense of security that is given to your brothers and sisters. A deep love should exist. Selfishness has no place in Sahaja Yoga. (1982-07-31)

My love is not for spoiling you. It is not for ruining you. It is for your emancipation. It is for you to enjoy the beauty of God’s blessings on you. (1985-05-04)

There are some who get into doubts.... With all My love, I engulf them. But I would request you not to slow your progress like that. “What are you doubting?” is the question. (1979-07-24)

If you have faith in My Love, you should not doubt anything. Now we are here to judge ourselves and not to judge others. (1987-08-17)

Without recognition, you cannot see the play. Without the play, you cannot have confidence within yourself. Without confidence, you cannot become a guru. Without becoming a guru, you cannot help others. And without helping others, you are not going to be in any way happy. So to break the chain is very easy, but to build the chain one after another is what you have to do. This is what you were all wanting to be. So be confident and be joyous and be happy that all My powers will protect you. My love will nourish you and My nature will fill you with peace and joy. (1979-12-02)