Luv and Kush

From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

Its very interesting that Sita had two sons twins called Luv and Kush and you see Rama had sort of sense in the wilderness because people criticized her staying with Ravana whatever it is, so these two boys didn’t accept his kingdom – Ayodhya. And they went across India. One of them went to Coccacious, another went to China. This Coccacious fellow went actually to Russia because he established his kingdom there and that’s why it is called ‘Slav’ from Luv. His name was Luv. And the another brother who went to China is Kushan. His name is Kush.(1981/10/14)

And then they incarnated many a times on this Earth as disciple. One of them is, we can say, was Shankaracharya, another was Kabira, like that. Then we can say, later on like, before Shankaracharya, they came as Buddha and Mahavira. Then Shankaracharya and then I told you, after Shankaracharya came the advent of Hassan and Hussain, who were the grandsons of Prophet. So these have been incarnating and they have been moving from one side to another and telling people that “This is extreme, leave it, this is extreme, leave it. Come in the center and be in the center.” That has been their job and they are the ones who are sort of imparting you that awareness by you become a perfect disciple.(1979/05/30)