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Mahakali has a double role all the time. She is at two extremes. On one side She is full of joy, the giver of joy. She is very happy when She sees Her disciple are joyous. Joy is Her own quality. It is Her energy.... This is the energy of Mahakali that gives you all that joy after Realization and the joy you enjoy among yourselves. All these are the qualities of Mahakali.... She is extremely loving, full of joy, full of happiness and She is the one who is extremely cruel, wrathful. She is the one who is the slayer of all the demons and the evil and those people who try to do evil.... The Mahakali Shakti is the primordial shakti within us and the Kundalini is the Mahakali Shakti. And She remains as a virgin within you. That means She is purity. She has the power to purify.... And that purity, if we cannot imbibe it within us, we cannot be Sahaja Yogis.... She is giving you your ascent through Kundalini. She is purity. She is giving you all the powers. She is protecting you all the time. She is giving you joy.... She is the expert of war affairs. She is the one who makes people work and She is the one who makes them fight.... The power of Mahakali is that She destroys all the enemies that stand in your way. All the rakshasas, all the devils, all the negative forces, She tries to destroy so that your part should be all right. (Shri Mahakali Pujas 1990 & 1989)

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Mahakali, literally translated as Great Kali, is the Hindu Goddess of time and death, considered to be the consort of Shiva the God of consciousness, and the basis of Reality and existence. According to the Markendeya Purana, she is an aspect of the goddess Durga. Mahakali in Sanskrit is etymologically the feminized variant of Mahakala or Great Time (which is interpreted also as Death), an epithet of the God Shiva in Hinduism. Mahakali is the form of the Goddess Durga (Parvati) beyond time, Kali, who is the force of the anger of Durga and is an aspect of Durga or Adi parashakti, and therefore her color is black. She is believed to be the greatest aspect of Kali whom many Hindus hold as a Divine Mother. (more)