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Mooladhara is one of the most delicate, and the most powerful chakra. It has so many folds and it has so many dimensions. If your Mooladhara is not all right, your memory will fail. If your Mooladhara is not all right, to begin with, your wisdom will fail. You will have no sense of direction. (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 20 April 1985)

This Mooladhara chakra is very, very complicated. It is one of the most complicated chakras because it has many waves. It has many compartments, which all the time are vibrating and oscillating. So to steady down these, you should try to be absolutely dedicated to Shri Ganesh. (SMND 25 September 1999)

Some of the qualities of the Mooladhara are auspiciousness, knowledge, innocence and wisdom.

Moola means root. Dhara means support.

Petals: four

Element: earth

Planet: Mars

Weekday: Tuesday

Gemstone: coral