From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

None of the people before Me were photographed. Christ was never photographed. Buddha was not photographed. Even Muhammed was not photographed. This is the first time you have developed this wonderful thing called the camera. We cannot think of someone who is just love. And the photograph has that love within itself.... And there is My photograph. What to do?

It is rather difficult to accept a photograph because it is said that you should not bow to anything. It was said because there was no photographs before. Nothing was there. A photograph is such a truthful thing. And you will see yourself later on. Then you won’t give up. I know that. You will like it.... The camera is much more sensitive than human beings are. There are so many things the camera has caught, which human beings cannot catch.... The camera is so sensitive and so honest and so deep.... It could be that a person loves you very much that even a photograph of hers can love you so much. It could be. (1982 APRIL 14)

SEEKER: In what way is your photo going to help us?

The photo is a very authentic thing ... because there are vibrations passing through Me. I have discovered, to My great amazement and joy, that My photo has the same vibrations. So if you use the photograph, you can work it out. If you do not want to use the photograph, it does not work out to begin with.... You will be amazed. It emits cool vibrations.... When you will work on the photograph, you will feel deeply because the photograph will remain with you. You just try what I am telling you. You see, by that, I am not going to get anything. You are used to a shopping spirit. You always do something as if you are shopping. Here you are not shopping. You are taking it. I am giving. You are not giving Me anything. You cannot give. I am at a point where you cannot give to Me.... You must know how to respect your Mother. If you do not know, all of them are within Me, all these great saints are sitting with Me. They will not like it... You should understand that this is very important. For that, whatever is needed, has to be done. If you have a photograph of a wrong person, your house will be ruined.... If you have the photograph of a holy person, everything will be all right. It is for your good. (1980 FEBRUARY 2)