From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

Now this is a special time of Last Judgement. It is the special time of resurrection. Even Mohammed Sahib has said that, “At the time of resurrection, Qiyama, their hands will speak”. So what happens to you after realisation, that you become tremendously creative in every walk of life. You’re amazed at yourself that you had all these qualities within you which were not clearly expressed, but suddenly you will be aware that you have tremendous dynamic capacities. Of course you don’t have to pay for that. Because how much do we pay to the seed to be sprouted? It’s a natural course of our evolution which takes place spontaneously, because this is a special time. You all are very lucky that you are born in this special hour, to become self-realised. So on your fingertips you will know also your own centres who are in trouble. That’s you have self-knowledge. Also with this you develop a new dimension in your awareness, that you become collectively conscious. That you can feel the vibrations of another person on your fingertips. Now, if you can cure yourself, cure your centres, you can also cure the centres of others. That is how you become collectively conscious, or part and parcel of one being.(12,09,2000)

But there is a resurrection time in between which is described so clearly in Koran but is not mentioned at all throughout if you see. People never talk about it. People don’t know there is a resurrection. Mohammed Sahib has very, very clearly talked about it and said that, “At that time your hands will speak.” He has called Kundalini as Assas. Now in the Bible also we have, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” These chakras, these centres look like tongues of flames specially the Sahastrara. It’s such a beautiful assemblage of different colour flames which are very silently moving and are living flames. We can see them. (17,03,1984)