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The Sahasrara is the seventh chakra, sometimes described as the thousand-petalled lotus at the top of the head, is the destination of the Kundalini.

Now the last center is the limbic area. It is topped by the fontanelle bone area, which is the area for our last breakthrough, brahmarandra. This center of Sahasrara is most important with one thousand petals, meaning that there are one thousand nerves. When enlightened, they look like one thousand flames of different colors burning very silently and quietly. There is a big controversy about the number of these petals. This makes the understanding of Sahaja Yoga impossible for many doctors who are argumentative because of their limited knowledge. In the Bible, is said that “I will appear before you like tongues of flame.” Of course, it has been described in many books in Indian scriptures as well. When kundalini crosses over the seventh center, she pierces through the fontanelle bone area which again becomes a little softer, as it was in childhood, and this kundalini joins, or becomes one, and unites with the all-pervading power of divine love. As a result, we start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on our fingertips, later on our hands, and also out of our fontanelle bone area. This is the first time we feel the all-pervading power of divine love. (Meta Modern Era)

So, this last center, the Sahasrara, is contained in the limbic area of the brain. Our head is like a coconut. The coconut has the hair, and then a hard nut and then a black covering and inside is white shell of coconut and inside is the space, the water. In the same way, our brain is made. That’s why coconut is called as Shreephala. Is the fruit of the power that is Shree. Shree power is the right side power and the left side power is the Lalita power. So, we have two Chakras – left side, here, is the Lalita and right side, here, is the Shree Chakra. These two Chakras are working out the right side Mahasaraswati’s power and left side Mahakali’s powers.

Now, the central power is the Kundalini. That has to rise and penetrate through different Chakras, enter into the limbic area and enlighten the seven Pithas – seats of these seven Chakras. So, it penetrates through six Chakras, enters into the limbic area, enlightens all the seven Pithas in the brain, which are placed along the mid-line of the limbic area. So, we start it from the back, is placed here, at the back, is the Mooladhara Chakra. Around it is the Swadishthana, then is the Nabhi, then the Heart, then the Vishuddhi and then the Agnya. So, all these six centers are combining to make the seventh center. (...)

Sahasrara is actually is the assemblage of these six Chakras and is a hollow space, on the sides of it there are one thousand Nadis. And when the light penetrates into the limbic area, then the enlightenment of these Nadis take place and you can see them as flames, very gentle flames burning and these flames have all the seven colors that you see in the [SOUNDS LIKE vibjyor]. But the last one, ultimately becomes again integrated and it is a crystal clear flame. All these seven lights ultimately become crystal clear.

So, you have Sahasrara with one thousand petals, as they called it, but if you cut the brain in a transverse section or horizontal section, you will be able to see that all these nerves are built like this along the limbic area, all of them are like a petal, and if you cut it like this, you will find that there are many nerves in every bundle of nerves. So, when it is enlightened, you can see Sahasrara as a burning bundle of flames. (...)

So the, when the enlightenment of the Kundalini takes place in the brain, then the truth is perceived through your brain. That’s why it’s called as [SOUNDS LIKE Satyakhand], means you start seeing the truth perceived by your brain because so far whatever you see through your brain, is not the truth. What you see, is just the outer side, say, you can see the colors. You can see the different aesthetics of the colors. You can see the quality of the thing. But you cannot say whether this carpet has been used by some saint. You cannot say whether this is made by a devil or a divine person.

(...) So actually you do not know anything about divinity with your mind, nothing. Nothing – is impossible for you to judge a person about his divinity unless and until the Kundalini reaches at least this part, which is the limbic area. You cannot make out whether a person is real or not, whether a guru is real or not. Because divinity cannot be perceived through your brain, unless and until this light of your Spirit shines into it.

Now, the Spirit is expressed in the heart, is reflected in the heart, the center of the Spirit, we can say, is in the heart. But actually, the seat of Spirit is above, here [SHRI MATAJI PUTS HER RIGHT HAND ABOVE HER Sahasrara].

And that is the Spirit what we call of the God Almighty, Who say, Whom you call [SOUNDS LIKE Parvardigar], you call Him Sadashiva or you can call Him, ah, the Rahim and you can call Him by many names which are said about the Lord who is God Almighty. Neeranjan, they call It, Neerankar, every sort of words which start with Nira, Nihi.

Now, at every center in the body you’ll receive a different type of joy. Every center has a different type of joy and there are names for every types of joy you receive at every center when the Kundalini rises. But when the Kundalini comes into the Sahasrara, then the joy you receive is called as Neerananda, Neerananda. Now, Nee means nothing else but Ananda. Neerananda. Also, is surprising, My name is Neera – also, in My family I’m called as Neera. And Neera also means Mary, Maria. Because it means marine. Neera is water. Neera means water in Sanskrit language. It is called as Neerananda in the brain. (...)

Now the essence of Sahasrara is integration. In Sahasrara all the Chakras are there, so all the Deities get integrated. And you can feel their integration. That means, when you get your Kundalini in Sahasrara, your mental, emotional, and your spiritual, everything being becomes one. Your physical being also merges into it. (...)

Your Spirit strengthens you. You must just put in your will-power that “Yes, let my Spirit act.” And then you start acting according to the Spirit. Once you start acting according to the Spirit, you find you have no slavery of anything. You become Samarth, means equal to your meanings. Samartha, also Samarth means powerful personality. So, you develop that powerful personality which has no temptations, which has no wrong ideas, which has no catches, no problems. But people who are sneaky, sly try to try, play some tricks are really harming themselves, not Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is going to be, he has been and will be, is going to be established. (...)

The Sahasrara is the blessing of the heavens, I should say. It has worked out so well. It’s very difficult to break the Sahasrara. And when I really broke it, I didn’t know that it would be that successful. First, I thought is still premature because there are many Rakshasas still on the street, selling their goods; and there are many fanatics who are calling themselves by the so-called religions they are following, not the real religion of the Atma. But, gradually it has taken its roots. Now, let this truth take its root within yourself through your Sahasrara. And once this truth becomes absolutely the light that guides you, the light that nourishes you, the light that enlightens you and gives you a personality that has the light, then only you should know that your Sahasrara is completely enlightened by your Spirit. Your face should be such that people should know that there’s a personality who’s standing before you who is light. This is how Sahasrara is to be looked after.

For looking after Sahasrara is is important that you should try to cover your head during winter time. Is better to cover your head during wintertime so that there is no freezing in the brain because brain is also made of Medha, means fats, so it should not be frozen. Moreover, you should not take too much heat on your brain. To keep your brain all right, you should not sit in the sun all the time as some of the Westerners do. Then your brain melts and you become a crazy person. Is a sign that a person is going out for madness – is something which I’ve told many a times that don’t take too much heat on your head. Even if you are sitting in the sun, keep your head covered. Covering of the head is very important. But the covering of the head should be done occasionally, not all the time because if you just put a very heavy band around your head, then the circulation becomes poor and you may have trouble with bad circulation. So, it is an occasional opening of the head to the sun and to the moon, occasionally. Otherwise, you will sit in the moon and land up in the lunatic asylum. (...) (Sahasrara Chakra. Hanuman Road, New Delhi (India), 4 February 1983.)


Sahasrara is the source of all the truth. Truth is there — the complete truth. Truth is the knowledge. And also the truth is love. (SMND 23 March 2002)

Some of the qualities of the Sahasrara are thoughtless awareness, Self Realization and integration,

Petals: one thousand

Element: all elements

Planet: Pluto

Weekday: Monday

Gemstone: Pearl