Samarth Ramdas

From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

The guru of King Shivaji.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has described Samarth Ramdas as being an incarnation of Shri Hanuman. (1986-0928)

Seeing the work of Sahaja Yoga in Satara district, I am feeling extremely joyous. It has also been a very great work of establishing fifteen centres in Satara district. This is the land of Shri Ramdas, who was the incarnation of Shri Hanuman. The fruits of his flower-like work are seen now in the fact that there are fifteen centres over here. There were many saints in this Maharashtra and all the things they said can be seen by us in Sahaja Yoga. (1986-0928)

There’s a story about Shivaji, very interesting story. He was once building a very huge big fort. And people were working and he was just looking at them, and he thought: “See now, what a nice thing I am doing. I have given so much work to so many poor people.” And he was feeling quite happy about it. And he was looking at them. Suddenly his guru, Ramdas Swami came there, and they were breaking one boulder. They said: “Slowly, slowly break it. Do not hit it hard.” They were breaking slowly, ultimately they came to a stone which was just like one coconut. So Ramdas Swami took that coconut in his hand and broke it, and there was water in it and there was a frog sitting inside. Then Shivaji Maharaj realized that when God creates you, He also provides you with things. You need not be proud that you are doing so much for others. (1991-1221)