From Sahaja Yoga Encyclopedia

Now God, The Almighty, we say is Sat-Chit-Anand. Sat means the Truth. The Truth we understand in human terminology is relative. But the Sat I am telling you [about] is the Absolute from where all the relations start. Example I will tell you how to understand it: This Earth has got oceans and rivers and all kinds of waters, you can say. But Earth is enveloping all of them. If the Mother Earth was not there, there could not have been any of these existing. So we can say that Mother Earth is the support of all the things that exist on her. She is enveloping us. In the atoms she exists. In the big mountains she exists. Because the elements are part of that Earth. In the same way God Almighty, the Sat part of Him, the Truth, is the support of all the things that are created or not created.

Another example you try to understand: how the Sat is the Purusha, is the God, who does not take actual part in The Creation itself but is a catalyst. The example can be like this: that I am doing all the work, I am creating everything but I have a light in my hand. Without the light I cannot do anything. Light is the support of my work. But the light does not in any way do anything about what I do. In the same way God Almighty is just a witness like a light... (77-01-01)