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So, today we are going to think about our Spirit, which we have neglected throughout. They are not even conscious that we have a Spirit.

Through Sahaja Yoga those who are now conscious, because they can feel it through their vibrations, they can also get lost and can forget it.

The Spirit is the only eternal thing within us, all the rest are transitory and evolutionary. Everything goes into evolution and the better is the evolution, the higher the Spirit starts manifesting itself.

Like the reflection. The reflection on the stone of even the sun is zero. And the reflection of the sun on the lake is sometimes I think, is the reflection that is felt in the Sahaja Yogis when they see it, feel it, it flows, they can feel the breeze in their hand. But still their attention is not fully enlightened, the Spirit has not permeated inside. It’s just reflecting still.

In the mirror, you see the reflection of the sun. But even then, when you removed it you cannot reflect it.

This is the difference – that even if you become the mirror of the sun, unless and until it permeates into your being and transforms you into something new, you have not done full justice to yourself and nor to the powers of your Spirit. The Spirit has come just like a vision to you, an experience to you, but the growth of your being has not yet started. And if it has started it’s so slow that you may not achieve much in one lifetime. Because your attention is on all various things. [...]

What is yoga? In simple words, it is taking your attention to the Spirit. This is yoga. What does the Kundalini do? She raises your attention and takes it to the Spirit. Only after knowing the Spirit you can know God. Not before that. [...]

Now the truth is that the Spirit is within you and you are the Spirit. You are the beauty, the bliss and the joy of that Spirit. That’s what you are. Because your attention is not there, that’s why you cannot feel your Spirit.

But your Spirit exists; it is within you, in your heart, waiting for a moment to come into your conscious mind, to be felt by you in your central nervous system. It’s all there, built within you.

Man in his madness doesn’t realize that God has made him from amoeba to this stage for some purpose. There is a big purpose behind everything. And the purpose is that now you have to know your Spirit, by which you enter into the Kingdom of God.

You have to enter into the Kingdom of God. How? What is your passport? Is your Spirit.

Because when the Spirit starts shining within you, you start transforming. You start transforming into a new being – into a new personality with a new awareness and you are a different person. Your priorities change.[...]

The progress in Sahaj Yoga is only possible when your attention is on the Spirit. How do you nourish it? That’s another point.

The only solution is collectivity. A person who is not collectively nourished cannot grow. He cannot grow whatever he may try. [...]

But after Realization, when the Kundalini rises through these seven centers and pierces you through on the Sahasrara, then you start feeling the vibrations, the feeling the cool breeze in your hand. This is how your Spirit is talking to you. The rapport is established; you are connected with the Spirit.[...]

Now, the growth has to come, that you have to move your awareness towards the Spirit.

And when that happens that your Spirit dominates your awareness, that your awareness becomes this Spirit, then Sat, Chit, Ananda.

Sat is the essence of your awareness, is the truth; through your awareness you know the truth. Chit is the attention, and Anand is the Spirit. The essence of the Spirit is the joy.

All these things become one. That has to happen. Then the growth is much faster. (Caxton Hall, London (UK), 10 November 1980)

Now I would consider these two powers as say, a brake and an accelerator in a car. Now you use both the powers. You use the brake first, you use the accelerator. You try to control these two powers. But, first of all, it is difficult to understand how you can use these powers. Gradually, with practice, you’ll do it. You know how to drive the car, you become the good driver. After becoming the good driver, still you are not the master of the driving. But then you become the master. So, today the master within us, within us is the Spirit. But before realization, we are not the master because the master has not come in our conscious mind. It is not expressing in our conscious mind. In the sense that we are not empowered by its powers.

The Spirit exists; It has Its own powers. But we haven’t felt those powers within us. Once we feel the powers of the Spirit, we are empowered by our own powers which are there. The powers are within us. These are our own powers. We don’t have to borrow from anyone, ask from anyone, they are in ourselves. The Spirit is within us – only thing that Spirit has to give light in our, in our consciousness. It has to come in our consciousness. (Public Program Day, Christchurch House (United Kingdom), May 13th, 1982)

Your spirit resides in the heart. It is the reflection of God Almighty. It enjoys itself, by itself. It is the spectator of the world, of its powers, The Holy Ghost. It watches you and is called as the knower of the fate. It knows what you are doing, what are your aspirations, what mistakes you are committing. It goes to a long extent to forgive and forgive and forgive. Forgiveness is one of the qualities of the spirit. It forgives and says it will work out. It will come. But when you go too far, say you pay too much attention to your physical being or to your mental being, if you try to think too much, the spirit indicates its displeasure and you get a heart attack. Heart attack comes to you through displeasure of the spirit. If the spirit is angry with you, you get a heart attack. That means you are neglecting your spirit, you’re paying attention to things which are not important. You are hooked on things which are not important. You are not worried about yourself, about the spirit, about your seeking. Even if you’re lost, say in any fanatic behavior of reading some books and things and taking out certain things and remembering them by heart and having an argument and quote something and all that, in not genuineness and goodness but stupidity then also you can get a heart attack. The heart is very important. It sometimes gives you the first warning by giving you a partial paralysis because in the heart [UNCLEAR], is created by the spirit which creates a clot and that clot when goes into the brain you get a partial paralysis so that you do not move any further. That danger is waiting for you. (Public Program, Sahasrara Chakra, Sydney (Australia), April 3rd, 1981)

Question: How do you become your Spirit?

Shri Mataji: That’s a very good question. That’s the question is – I’m saying it is a spontaneous happening and that within us is placed if you see here in the triangular bone, is the power of Holy Ghost within us, which we call in the Sanskrit language as Kundalini. In Koran, it is called as Assas. In every scripture, it is described. And this Kundalini has to rise, this power which is the desire power, which is the pure desire power because all other desires are not pure. If they were pure, then you would have been satisfied. But you’re not satisfied.

So this pure desire is the desire to become one with the Spirit. And this is within you, this force is within you dormantly placed in the triangular bone called as the sacrum. That means the Greeks also knew the word sacrum means “sacred.” And this power has to rise within you, and there are subtle centers above it, six centers above and one center below through which it pierces and you feel the Holy Ghost, which is described by Christ and you feel the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanel bone area which is the real baptism. And as a result of that, you start feeling your Spirit in your consciousness means in your central nervous system. You, yourself, feel it.

That’s how you become the Spirit. That’s the only way it is sprouted. It’s a living process like if you want to sprout a seed, you have to embed it into this Mother Earth and spontaneously with the power what Mother Earth has, it sprouts. In the same way, it happens, and that’s how I have to work it out. But later on, when you get it and you become established, you can do it yourself to others. Like one enlightened light can enlighten another light. But the first light has to be enlightened. (Public Program, Birmingham (United Kingdom), April 19th, 1985)

My idea of coming to Pandharpur for Shiva Puja was this: that Shiva represents the Spirit, and the Spirit is residing in all of you in your hearts.

The seat of Sadashiva is on top of your head, but He’s reflected in your heart. Now, your brain is the Vitthala. So to bring Spirit to your brain means enlightenment of your brain. “Enlightenment of your brain” means: the limited capacity of your brain has to become unlimited in its capacity to realize God. I will not use the word “understand”, but “to realize God”, how powerful He is, how miraculous He is, how great He is.

The another is that the brain of man can create – of course, out of the dead – but, when the Spirit comes into the brain, then you create living things, living work… of Kundalini. Even the dead start behaving like living because you touch the Spirit in the dead.

Like the nucleus inside every atom or a molecule has the Spirit of that molecule. And if you become your Spirit – we can say the ‘brain’ of a molecule or an atom is like the nucleus, body of the nucleus. But the one that controls the nucleus is the Spirit that resides within the nucleus. So now you have got the attention of the body – the whole body of the atom, then the nucleus, and ‘inside’ the nucleus is the Spirit.

In the same way, we have this body, the attention of the body. And then we have the nucleus, is the brain, and the Spirit is in the heart. So the brain is controlled through the Spirit. How? That around the heart there are seven auras – which can be multiplied by any number, seven raised to power 16 hundred -which are the ones which watch the seven chakras – raised to power 16 hundred, 16 thousand sorry.

Now this Spirit is watching through this aura – watching, I am again saying “watching” through this aura. This aura is watching the behaviour of your seven centres in your brain. Is also watching all the nerves that are working in the brain. ‘Watching’, again.

But when you bring the Spirit into your brain, then you go ‘two’ steps ahead.

Because when your Kundalini rises, She touches the Sadashiva and Sadashiva informs the Spirit. Informs in the sense – reflects, in the Spirit. So that’s the first state where the watching auras start communicating to your different chakras in the brain and integrating it.

But when you bring your “Spirit” to your brain – this is the second state – then you really become Self-realised, in the full way. In the full way. Because then your Self, that is the Spirit, becomes your brain.

Action is very dynamic. It opens, then, the 5th dimension in the human being.

First, when you become realized, collectively conscious, and start raising the Kundalini, you are in, you cross the 4th dimension. But when your Spirit comes into your brain, then, you become the 5th dimension – means, you become the Doer.

Our brain, now, for example, says “Alright, lift this thing up”. So you touch it with your hand, you lift it up. You are the doer. But when the brain ‘becomes’ the Spirit, the Spirit is the doer. And when Spirit is the doer, then you become a complete Shiva, Self-realized. In that state, if you get angry, you are not attached. You are not an attached person to ‘anything’ whatsoever. If you possess anything – you are not attached. You cannot attach because Spirit is detachment. Complete detachment. You don’t bother about any attachments whatsoever. ‘Even’ for a second, you are not attached. (Talk before Mahashivaratri Puja. Pandharpur, Maharashtra (India), 29 February 1984)