The Book of Adi Shakti

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Very few texts were written by Her Holiness Shri Mataji during Her lifetime. She was concerned that the actual living experience of Self Realization was most important and not to be obscured by the cloud of mental reasoning. The Book of Adi Shakti is the earliest of Her known writings. In original drafts She writes, “I have myself given Self Realization to several people.” It seems at first glance, to be a complex dissertation on the nature of creation and the structure and powers of spiritual hierarchies involved in that process. Upon reading, however, we enter into the realm of silence and meditation and the words bathe and illuminate the deep foundations of what was to follow over the next forty plus years. The book includes stories and explanations which later surfaced only occasionally in Her talks.

The book remained unfinished until 2013, when it was published in a form as close as possible to Shri Mataji’s original intentions.

The Book of Adi Shakti was edited by Nirmala Vidya llc and members of the publishing committee.

Comments by Shri Mataji

"Now these are very lengthy talks which I have described quite openly in my book." (Mahashivaratri Puja, Mumbai, 1976 (1976-0229); Hindi)

"...for example, the Mooldhara chakra you can take for example, Mooldhara chakra is actually four petals, because it covers the four sides of the human personality. It's a bit abstract calculation; it is the four side of the personality and the fifth side, the movement in the fifth dimension doesn't take in the Mooldhara chakra it takes above the Mooldhara chakra. So the fourth dimensions are shown by that, you see, these are the different dimensions of a man at those levels how many dimensions is touched by these petals, it is calculated like that. In my book I've given notes of these in very great details as to what are the dimensions one touches in this state and how far you go. Actually Mooladhara I have written a big chapter complete. How many folds are inside and how these things work out and how many folds? What do they suggest and how far they open out? Because it’s all a dimension which is worked out. For example, if you take a Banyan tree, the seed is so small. A Banyan tree has the smallest seed. Now why is it so and why is it so microscopic? Because it is so dynamic! So if it is all worked out like a capsule you see, and it’s a capsule which is to work out this dimension, it has to work out that dimension. So it is a sort of a, rather a calculated stuff, which I have described. I have only described Mooladhara really in the full this thing because it makes such a big volume of one Mooladhara chakra, that I gave up about others. I have just mentioned about them. But only Mooladhara itself when I started describing, it became such a big huge thing. I gave in, I said, “Now better not do other ones.” But it’s quite a complicated stuff, you see, and, you see, God has His own stage of style of planning and you can’t question Him. He does it according to His own whim, you know. He has His own style but He does, His whim has understanding, everything has. You will find that sometimes you see, if you try to study that, if you ask Me certain things I try to answer it in a different way, you see. Because there are His ways of doing things and He understands and that’s how He does it. But still I’ve tried to bring out at least Mooladhara chakra, so that human beings must understand that how complicated they are made; how God has been so careful to place their Mooladhara so well and how He has put the force there. How it’s a living machinery? How it’s working out? So that people should understand the importance of their chakras and importance of their being. How important you are! You are not ordinary people. Even if there’s a say a, a ordinary tape recorder, we are so careful about it. How much we should be careful about our own machinery which is being created in ages with such great understanding, such mechanism. Every chakra if you take up, even if you take up three yugas, you won’t understand one chakra. It is such a tremendous working inside. I’ve of course given the, only the, description of it and the reason why is, is a stage which should make you really mad. But I’ve tried to explain in that. You have read my Mooladhara, did you? It’s quite a elaborate stuff." (First day of Bordi seminar, 1977 (1977-0126))

"The other argument that I gave in my book is about a doctor who thought that the second birth is possible only through sex and I told him that: “you were born because of your parent and not by your own activity." (Letter written in Bombay to Gregoire in Kathmandu, 29 January 1977)

"You can also, in the ashram, you can get my book from Colleen and read it, part of it, like that. And every evening try to do it." (Talk on Ashram Behaviour, Dollis Hill ashram, London, May 1980 (1980-0511))

"I am writing a book but it is not useful to all at present." (Letter in Marathi to Indian yogis. London, 11 July 1980; Maha Avatar October 1980)

"Now, for your education I was thinking of writing a book, an article about how to educate yourself. But the problem is that when I write it I do not want you to feel that ‘it is directed towards me’, you see, because you will find something identification, your identification. It’s not directed towards anyone, it’s a general thing. Today you might be having that problem, tomorrow another might be having that problem, anybody, it’s a general thing. With all your permission, if you say so, I think I should write it down, which will help you, which you should read impersonally, impersonally, and that is going to, I’m sure, help you. That should be really the beginning of my another book which I am thinking for Sahaja yogis, that I should take to one book only for Sahaja yogis. The one I’ve written is for everyone, but this one would be only for Sahaja yogis. The first one chapter would be: how to educate yourself to be in Sahaja Yoga and to grow in it and not to be deluded by ego and superego. I hope I have your permission today, and I’ll start that thing for you." (Birthday Puja 1982, London (1982-0321))

"I’ve written something. But I think it’s too much of a thing. It’s very simple now, absolutely naïve simple. But I give it to my husband, he says, “it’s over my head” I think it would be difficult for people to understand. ... But this book the one that I was writing has gone to various problems also because I had a lady who was typing. She didn’t know Sanskrit or anything and she is hopelessly bad, the typing was hopeless but still whatever has come up is quite good and is absolutely vibrated. But as my husband is a very brilliant man, he said, “It’s a go`s over my head.” So I thought it’s better to keep it only for Sahaja Yogis, but as you said it’s a good idea. What do you say?" (Talk to New People, Brighton, May 1983 (1983-0525))

"I am going to publish my book- so you can read it." (Eighth Day of Navaratri 1988)

"She [Kundalini] is coiled up in three and a half coils it has a mathematical significance why three and a half, why she is – I think in my book I have described about her." (Shri Gauri Puja, Auckland, New Zealand, 1991 (1991-0408))

"So I’ve written in my book, so I said, 'All right you have eaten all kinds of food before but you have not eaten the table. What about eating the table?'" (Shri Devi Shakti Puja, New York, 1995 (1995-1008))

"The whole atmosphere that we know of is very artificial, but when you understand what She [Adi Shakti] has done... The first thing She does is to - in my book also I have written down about it, but I would like to tell you - that Her first, I should say, manifestation is on the left-hand side. That's the Mahakali's manifestation. So She comes on the Mahakali system, the left-hand side, and that is where She created Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is created because His purity, His innocence and auspiciousness, this had to be created before She created the universe." (Shri Adi Shakti Puja 1998 (1998-0621))