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Shri Krishna was born the day His sister was born and this Vishnmaya was transformed into lightning later on. She was the one who announced the existence of Shri Krishna at that time, that “He is born and He is living, He is in the present.” This is the job of the left Vishuddhi, of the lightning.... Our destiny is to become part and parcel of the whole and that is how Vishnumaya asserts Herself, shines and announces. When you have become part and parcel of the whole, what is there to feel shy to tell about it...? Vishnumaya is the power of a woman.... The power of a woman is not enslaving for men, that they should appreciate you morning until evening, every person on the road must look at you.... The subtler part of this Vishnumaya is that She knows the truth. When She shines you can see everything in Her. Even for a short time, She exposes in the darkness everything. In the same way, when Vishnumaya starts acting on you, then She exposes the truth to you.... The power of a woman is like that of the Mother Earth. See how much She has done for you. She has given you all the greenery, the beauty. Wherever She goes down, She fills Herself up with water and She gives you such joy and happiness and bears all the problems of the world despite whatever things we have done to Her.... That is what we are. (Shri Vishnumaya Puja 1988 and 8 August 1980)

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