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In the whole understanding of Blake, I find a single lonely man, plowing this land with the seeds of wisdom. I’m here just to reap it; He’s the one who planted, watered, made ready by Shakespeare, you can say; you have had many great poets here, Wordsworth another one who really is enchanting and beautiful. I think Wordsworth must have seen the fate of William Blake and he said better describe the nature, forget about human beings; he must have thought of it, thinking it to be an incorrigible land where He cannot sow anything. But whatever it is, what Blake has done is to give you a new vision and a new idea, because, in the West, Christ has been shrunk to a position of someone who was just a human being and now, when you hear the way people describe Him, I’m amazed. From where did they get this vision? Have they got eyes or are they blind to talk like this about Him? I hear the bishops talking like that, all your archbishops talking like that. Have they no fear of God? What’s going to happen to this country if you talk about Christ like that? And you are going to have now pictures and films showing Him to be a unrighteous personality, showing His Mother naked. No respect. Even Blake, I don’t know if you have noticed it, He paints human beings naked all right, but not gods. Christ He never painted, He never paints them that way, the respect. While we, the great intellectuals of modern times are trying all these tricks, just to bring forth the wrath of God upon ourselves.

The second point about Him was that He was a printer. We should think why did He become a printer? Why did Blake take to printing? He has described Himself the hell where the books were created and how He has described, how at every chakra we created a devil and put them in the libraries. I’m … that’s why against the books very much, Myself. But why did He become a printer? It’s very important to know and why He wrote so much about printing. We see the media today. The media, that’s the devil He described. The media is the one has ruined you completely believe Me – just to make money out of you, playing upon your weaknesses, making your children and you weaker and weaker, the society completely being destroyed, systematically. This is the media He wanted to hit, that’s why He took His birth and became a printer. He could have been anything else. No poet was a printer in England or anywhere else. It was Blake, who became that. The reason was He wanted to show that this media is the one and let Him cut it at its root.

That’s why I’ll say that He was a great Prophet because He makes prophecies that, if you do not take the right path if you do not take to the higher seeking, all these things will show. Now we have to understand because it concerns us. This is what is happening to us, to us, to our children, to our families, to our society, to our country. Let us face it and understand that compassion of God can fail in such horrible, blazing hearts, which doesn’t have any understanding of the spirit. Sahaja Yoga came on this earth long time back, much before I came on this earth, and today it has come to England. We should say I came here twelve years back. It took fourteen years for Blake to write Jerusalem and I think after fourteen years also if I could really feel satisfied that I’ve been able to do some justice to Him in this Jerusalem that He wanted to build, I’ll be very much grateful to you all. But it’s not so, it’s a very disappointing thing. People don’t want to listen to anything, they want to listen to something that they like, that you have to play on their weaknesses; all the time tell them that whatever wrong you are doing is a good thing; go ahead with it.


Blake’s life was another crucifixion, I feel. When I read Him, tears fall continuously sometimes. What a Son of a great Father, who said Christ was not bothered about His parents. He ran away from the house at the age of twelve years. That means all the boys are now running from their houses at twelve years taking to drugs; that’s the best way we can pay homage to Him, by running away from the houses taking to drugs, because Christ ran away from the house at the age of twelve years. And He said, “This is My Father’s business,” that’s what He writes, “What do I care for the parents?” That does not mean that you should not respect your parents, but it means that “I am at a higher seeking, I have a higher seeking, I have to move in another direction. You have lived in this direction, whatever it is you have balanced your life, but I have to ascend.”

And this is the message He has tried to put forward before you, very clearly. That is so obvious, so clear cut. Wherever He’s so fiery, wherever He’s so compassionate, wherever He’s so gentle, wherever He’s so modest, the inner line is one that, “Achieve your ascent; achieve your higher being; become that.” He has prepared grounds for us here in England. As I have told you many a times, England is a very important part of the universe, which I don’t know how many Englishmen realize. It is the heart of the universe; it is small but so important. But what do we get from the heart? What do we have in the heart? Racialism. If Christ comes here, you’ll throw Him out because He’s not English, or do you believe that He was English?

What do we get ? We can’t love our children, we kill our children, we ill-treat them. You are sitting in the heart of the universe. This is the heart of the universe and what do you have to give to the world? The spirit. The spirit resides in your heart and that’s why Blake said that England has to become Jerusalem because it is the heart. That means spirit has to come to the attention of the universe, otherwise, things won’t work out, but from where is it going to come, this spirit, where is going to be awakened? It is going to be awakened in the human beings, and where are those human beings – in the heart? Where are they living? Even those who have come here, immigrants and all that, they are gone cases, useless, good for nothing. And those who are living here are already lethargic; the heart is lethargic, it cannot pump anything out of it. First, it was over pumping, tried to impress the whole world, and now after the impression, it is in depression.

This heart has to awaken, to make the whole world a spiritual being. Do we realize our responsibility? Do we understand this – what is the role we have to play as a spiritual being? You have to play a role as a spiritual being now; but we are not, we are busy with all other nonsensical things, but with the spirit. I have labored for twelve years, as I said, and I think I’ll have to stay here for two years more, fourteen years, and then only maybe, I hope so, Jerusalem will start showing its results in this country. You can do it, you are the only ones who can do it, nobody else. You are entitled to that. God has chosen you to be born here, with a purpose. But you can’t talk to anyone about religion, they don’t discuss religion. But what religion? A religion which contains all the religions of the world. A religion which is the inner balance, the tranquility within you, which gives you the ascent and we don’t discuss it. This is out of etiquette, we can discuss all the drunkards and all the pubs of the world, but we cannot discuss such a horrible thing like religion, which is so innate and within ourselves.

You cannot have anything in the newspaper about it. But, He has described all the fake gurus and all the satanic people with such a strong description of all these and you see them and thousands follow these nonsensical people, pay them money, become beggars, but they don’t want to come to reality. Why, I ask Myself, why it’s happening like this? No use going to any excuses. Here is someone who has given you such a lot of explanation. Holy Ghost, He says, and Holy Ghost … a vacuum. You ask anyone, I was surprised when it was asked to some very big bishop, “What do you think of Holy Ghost?” He says, “I’m agnostic, agnostic.” Then … from India … asks him, “Then what are you doing here?” He said, “I am doing my job, as you are doing your job.” [unknown name and word] it’s all quiet. He’s agnostic, he doesn’t know anything about Holy Ghost.

What is Holy Ghost? William Blake has said, “It resides within you.” Why don’t we find out where does it reside? … Why not we go out of the way to find out? Bible cannot contain Christ, the whole universe cannot contain Christ. Let us go out and find out what others have to say about it. But we are very insular self-opinionated, great people sitting here in complete lethargy. We have no time, we don’t think anybody to be considered about it, let us go out and see. What is Holy Ghost is very simple; Holy Ghost is the Kundalini. See, you use logic, not rationality but logic is different. If you use your logic, you will see that we have a Trinity, Holy Trinity. We have God Almighty, all right, and we have the Son and the Holy Ghost. Have you heard of any father having a son without the mother? Then who is the Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. Automatically you come to that conclusion, but Mother should not be mentioned.

That’s why Blake has said about the daughters of Albion because He knew the way the women were suppressed in this life. Very sophisticated ways. In Sanskrit it is said, yatra narya pujyante tatra ramente devata “Where the women are worshiped, there remains the domain of the deities.” Where they are worshiped, and they have to be worshipful, not the harlots, in the brothels and the women who walk nude and show off their nudity to excite the baser self, but the ones who are worshipful, where they reside, reside the gods. So these women were suppressed and suppressed to such an extent that they did not want to talk about God as a Woman, anywhere. So Holy Ghost is something abstract, a dove. All right, it’s a dove, then what. What does it do the dove? Why is it so important that we should have blessings from the dove? Nobody explains, it’s a mystery. (...)

With Blake, One feels compelled to try and try and try to establish Jerusalem, whatever may be the case, whatever may be the disappointment, whatever may be the disgust, doesn’t matter. One has to do it. He had such faith in the England’s soil that we have to build the Jerusalem. But first, every one of you who is here must get your realization and humble down before your realization. You are not to be arrogant with it. He said Christ was not humble before human beings, but before God He was. Before His Father He was. In the same way, you have to be humble before your spirit and before your Self-realization and you have to get to the higher state. It’s surprising that in India, we had all this knowledge all these years, but we were supposed to be heathens, I don’t know what else they called us. We were supposed to be slaves. Nobody wanted to know anything about it, the knowledge of the roots existed and our intellectuals also never bothered, they always followed Oxford and Cambridge traditions. With this Oxbridge business, we never got through people to tell them about this great knowledge we had in that country and everything subsided.


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William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827) was an English poet, painter, and printmaker. Largely unrecognised during his lifetime, Blake is now considered a seminal figure in the history of the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age. His prophetic works have been said to form "what is in proportion to its merits the least read body of poetry in the English language". His visual artistry led one contemporary art critic to proclaim him "far and away the greatest artist Britain has ever produced". In 2002, Blake was placed at number 38 in the BBC's poll of the 100 Greatest Britons. Although he lived in London his entire life (except for three years spent in Felpham), he produced a diverse and symbolically rich œuvre, which embraced the imagination as "the body of God" or "human existence itself".