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Q: Mother I just want to know why, if alcohol is so bad for you, did Christ turn the water into wine?

Shri Mataji: Oh you see that’s another big mistake. That time wine was not this kind of a wine. You see people used to take wine which is grape juice. Even today if you go to Jerusalem, you get wine which is not fermented. It is prohibited, in the Bible if you read Moses or Abraham, to take these strong drinks, it is described very clearly but why Christ did not talk about alcohol, there’s a difference between wine and alcohol, wine which is fermented and wine which is a real wine. You see otherwise He would have said fermented wine. And, that’s a very common drink and I also enjoy it very much, grapes I love. So ordinary grape juice was the wine but, about this alcohol, He didn’t talk much because you see now I am with you, I have to give you realization so I’m talking about Kundalini and realization, isn’t it. Now Christ did not have to deal with Kundalini at that time but He had to talk about eternal life so He talked about that, and He showed with His Life that life is eternal by His Resurrection.

Now Abraham and Moses are, all these Primordial Masters are concerned with your attention and with your sustenance, so all of them, whether it was Mohammed or anyone, have talked against alcohol, you see. Whatever was their job was to look after the sustenance of the stomach and we can see clearly, that how can anybody who is of Christ’s quality, give you wine to drink, which goes against your awareness.

Is impossible. But that’s how it is. We do not, you see we mold everything according to our ideas but wine means ordinary wine. You go today even, if you ask for wine, even in Switzerland, you’ll be surprised that ordinary grape juice is called as wine. Even the grape, that creeper is called as wine. The whole thing is called as wine here. Now there is no fermentation as far as wine is concerned, but this is what it was. All right? [1981-03-27])

We can say Socrates was the one Primordial Master, after Abraham and Moses, who really made it very clear-cut understanding about spirituality. Of course Moses and Mohammad… Abraham had different problems. Like Abraham had problems of talking to people who were really very, very ignorant, and Moses had a problem with people who were very indulgent people, so He had to pass laws of Shariat. (...)

Now then you see how gradually, at the time of Socrates people had evolved, they were a much better people so He could talk to them about something of wisdom, of honesty, of righteousness, of peace. Of so many things He talked, and He could talk because people were worthy of that. Otherwise, He could have said, “Alright. You do this, you do that, you do that.” But see the difference, also in the circumstances, how what has happened: in the first circumstances when Abraham had problems then the people were absolutely good-for-nothing, absolutely good for nothing, so He didn’t know what to do with them. So only, you can see it, in the time of Abraham that His own lifestyle… I mean, that was just a system when the family was building up and the relationships were building up, and He tried to work it on that level.

Then at the time of Moses people evolved much more. They evolved. But still very ignorant. So they evolved to this point that He did not have to talk the things that Abraham talked. So He talked to them about getting out of Egypt, taking their freedom, getting out from there and going to a place of more tranquility. ([1989-05-24])

All the saints in the world have said that alcohol is very dangerous for life. The reason is that it goes against our awareness, this is a fact, you know that after taking a drink our awareness becomes blurred or excited, it’s not normal, that’s the reason they said no. In Sahaja Yoga, I do not say don’t do this and don’t do that. I only want you to come to Sahaja yoga, get your Realization and then you’ll not ask for it. That’s a much better way to do it. But why they asked for an example, if you read Moses, Moses has clearly said that these are strong drinks, very clearly, I don’t know if people read that and they should be avoided. I don’t if the Jews do that. They should not be taken, he has very clearly said it. Abraham said the same thing that drinks are not good.

Why do all these prophets talk about it? Because they are all born in that green patch of ours, they are all placed in this green patch where we get our sustenance, which is ten. We have gotten sustenances within us like the gold has a sustenance that it does not tarnish in the same way human beings have gotten sustenances.

And these ten sustenances are represented by great prophets. The principle is called as Adi Guru, in the Sanskrit language, the Primordial Master. He has incarnated on this earth as Abraham, Moses, as Lao Tse, as Confucius, as Socrates, recently he has been as Sai Nath of Shirdi, not the other fellow, and other great people have been like Nanaka, Janaka. All these great saints came on this earth to tell us how to keep in the center, how to keep in the center, how to keep our sustenance, how to be human beings. As carbon has got four valances, we too have gotten valances. We have to maintain those ten valences within us, that’s what they came to tell us. ([1981-03-25])

You have to become one with the whole, so that means you’re aware of your Self as I, becomes the whole. This has to happen, what is called as the second birth.

Now you might say that, “Why Moses didn’t talk about it, or Abraham didn’t talk about it?” Because their job was, you see, they are all connected with each other, only we are fighting, they are not, they are all together. But the trouble is when people do not have eyes to see, one might say, “The elephant is just a tail,” or somebody might say that “It’s just the leg,” but they are all one together. But this integration only takes place after you have got realization, to understand that they say the same thing, they have done the same job. In a living process of a seed you can see first, the seed becomes the trunk, it has to become the trunk, that doesn’t mean trunk is less important than the flower. So this is the trunk we can call it here, all these great prophets like Moses and Abraham and all those people were born here, establish the sustenance within us. It started from, also in India, we had people Janaka, Nanaka and the end was the Shirdi Sai Nath. There were ten main incarnations of these people, who came in this part and they reside within us to give us the religion. (...)

If you see historically now, at the time of Moses and Abraham, you see, Moses crossing the bridge, you see this is significant here. This is the void, we call it the void, but Zen for them void is different. So we cross this. In the same way, Moses crossed, through the bridging he did it and this bridging takes place when the Kundalini rises from that triangular bone, and crosses over, then the first bridging takes place. ([1983-09-16])

The central path was occupied or, I should say, the central path was looked after by two forces. The first one: those who were the seekers under some gurus, who were realized souls of a very high level. And the another were the incarnations who came on this earth to protect, to save the devotees of God.

This movement was very secretive in the beginning, extremely secretive. Only one or two people they would employ to this kind of work from the whole society. In one generation you could hardly find five or six people doing this work of evolving people into new awareness. This I am telling you at the time even before Vedas were written, because the incarnations that were to come, who had not established, was kept as a very guarded secret. The reason was that if they had disclosed that these are the incarnations who are going to come, then the negative forces which were trying to pull down the evolution would organize a method by which they would destroy these incarnations before their coming.

But, still, as you can see in the life of Christ that coming of Christ was declared much before Christ came in by the prophets who made prophecies. All these prophets belong to the category of the gurus I am talking about. So all over the world, three types of movements were on, for example, the scientists on the right-hand side, we can say, and the left-hand side are the devotees of God who sing the praise of God. And in the center there were people like Moses, like Abraham who came on this earth just to prophesize, just to protect the devotees of God.

Now this middle movement of evolution today has reached its peak because all the incarnations have arrived now and have done their job within you. They have occupied their position within you in your awareness on these different centers.

So the first center that we have here which is established in the carbon atom. Carbon has got four arms in the same way this center has also got four arms. You can see the four sides of this center. That means up to the matter stage it is even below that. Then the carbon started the living. This carbon atom actually ignited the living process in the matter. Though the time taken for this, since the time the Earth seceded from the sun is very, very short. I mean nobody can explain why, how it could happen. Some juggler could only do that job. So this carbon atom started the triggering of living beings. (...)

So today we are here to know that within us all these incarnations exist. And the force that really brought forth, really manifested, who live like human beings and work like gurus, that force which existed in this area, which created religion within us. Religion as we understand, organized religion is not the religion. But the religion means your sustaining power. You are a human being because there are ten sustaining powers within you. So they came to sustain us and to give us a full idea about these ten powers and to establish us in our religion as a human being. So these gurus who lived in that area worked out the sustenance and helped us, and this is one of the greatest forces we have got, which resides within us. And whatever they have said has a very great meaning. Actually, we should say the main gurus are ten but there are many other gurus. And these ten gurus could be described as Raja Janaka, then Moses, Abraham, and in modern times you can say Mohammed Sahib and even up to Shirdi Sainath in Shirdi that force came in for a short time, and then He disappeared. Nobody knows how He came there, He lived there and He died. Also if you know Nanaka, He was also the same force, the same primordial master, who was born on this earth. ([1979-05-30])

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