Chakras above Sahastrara

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This is the trouble with you. You read some nonsensical books - Samadhi, Bindu, this, that, all that. Now please forget it, please forget all these things. Sama-dhi, Samadhi means, first is the Nirvichara Samadhi. First is Nirvichara Samadhi that you achieve and the Kundalini just comes out of your head. Sama-dhi means, the dhi means the buddhi. And when it has got enlightenment it means Samadhi. So first of all, the buddhi gets enlightened - I just now I told you about that only, the first enlightenment. Now, the Bindu and this and that are higher stages. Ardha Bindu, then Bindu and then Valaya. But you should not be futuristic, just now if you have read some book no use trying to show off that. That's not a good thing. Just try to see what you are. Why do you want to talk about things which - which do not concern at this stage? Just now, supposing you are going by bullock cart, why do you want to ask about the airplane? Just now you go by bullock cart, then you get into the train, then you get into the airplane. All right? One by one, not like this. Because you have read the book, it doesn't mean that you are supposed to know everything. All these books are written by some sort of crankish fellows who have read something here and there and have put it down. But you must experience. I'm your Mother, so I don't want to give you big ideas, this and that. I want you to do the way we have to move. As a mother would say, "Now, this is the way you are. Now you are in the first class, so pass your first exam. Then you'll go into the second class, then pass your exam". Everybody has to go that way to mature properly; there should be no immaturity in a personality. So all these books that you have read you better throw them away, there's no good. But if it is by some realized souls you can keep them and think that they are higher people and we have to be at their stage. Only by reading the book you don't become those personalities, do you?... (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1983-02-04)

God has created fourteen levels within us. If you simply count them, then you know that there are seven chakras within us. Beside these, there are two more chakras, about which you do not talk much. They are the Chakra of Moon (Lalita) and Chakra of Sun (Shri). Then there is Hamsa Chakra. Thus, there are three more. Seven plus three makes ten. Then there are four chakras above Sahasrara. And about these chakras also I have told you: Ardha-bindu, Bindu, Valaya, and Pradakshina. These are the four. After coming to Sahaja Yoga and after your Sahasrara has opened, you have to pass through these four chakras, Ardha-bindu, Bindu, Valay, and Pradakshina. After passing through these four chakras only you can say that you have become a Sahaja yogi. And if you see from another angle, we have to cross fourteen stages in reaching up to Sahasrara. If you divide them then there are seven chakras situated on the Ida Nadi and seven on the Pingala Nadi. ... This 'fourteen' is very important in Kundalini Shashtra (science). Very important. It's a very important thing. We should fully understand that we become entitled to the blessings of Sahaja Yoga only after rising above these fourteen stages. (14th Sahasrara Day 1983)

[Yogi: Shri Mother, could You say something about the Bindu and the higher chakras above that?] Shri Mataji: You see, I don't think you should worry too much about these. There's three stages higher than Sahasrara. I would suggest just now let us concentrate on Sahasrara, is a better idea. But Bindu, Ardha-Bindu and Valaya are the three stages in which one has to pass through later on, and you would pass gradually when you develop yourself horizontally. That's what we have started now, so let us keep to this idea that we have to develop ourself horizontally. We should see how we affect the other person, how we influence the another person. (1987-0506)

Within us, as you know, there are seven chakras for your ascent and two above it. So all these nine chakras are to be crossed in this life time. That should be your destiny. (9th Day of Navaratri 1988)

In Sanskrit language, a bangle is called as valaya and that is the last stage which one has to reach in one’s ascent. That means the complete. (1986-0921)

Historical Description

Dearest, (in the pinda exist) the chakras of five lines, 16 lines, sixty four petals, the truly beautiful 100 petal (lotus)[Agnya?] and the beautiful thousand petal lotus [Sahasrara] and above this is a very brilliant 10,000,000 petal lotus. Above the 10 million petal lotus is a 30,000,000 petal lotus, each pericarp of which is similar to a flame. Above this is the all encompassing, eternal, undivided, independent, steady lotus – pervading all, stainless. By its will (sveccha) it causes creation and dissolution. Both the animate and inaminate are dissolved in this linga. (Kaulajnananirnaya Tantra, a Nath text)

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