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An incarnation of the Primordial Master with qualities of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. Datta –‘given’, atreya –‘to Sage Atri (his father)’.Granting the state beyond the three Gunas.

Today I would like to say about this chakra especially that is what we call the Nabhi Chakra is the central path of our evolution where you start your seeking and you crossover to the other side. Now surrounding this you will find there is the ocean of illusion and this ocean of illusion was governed by a deity, by a special powerful personality whom we call as “Dattatreya”, is the Primordial Master and he incarnated on this Earth many a times. At the time of Christ, and even before that, he incarnated as, say, Abraham, Moses, Socrates, Lao Tse. Later on he incarnated as Mohammed Sahab, then the same great principle incarnated as Nanaka, then the same principle at the last incarnated as Sainath of Shirdi. So the same great principle of this Primordial Master has incarnated because without a master, how will you be taken away from this illusion? How are you going to be exposed to that reality which you do not feel? What has to happen to you is that you have to become more sensitive, more open, awakened and enlightened to feel that all-pervading power around you... (1981/10/15)

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