Ten Primordial Masters

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Shri Raja Janaka – King of Mithila and Father of Shri Sita, wife of Shri Rama (India).

Shri Abraham – Forefather of the 12 tribes of Israel (Israel c. 2000 BC).

Shri Zarathustra – Instituted Monotheism and fire worship (Persia c. 1800 BC).

Shri Moses – Founder of Jewish law (Egypt c. 1250BC).

Shri Lao-Tse – Author of Tao Te Ching (China b. 604 BC).

Shri Confucius – Taught ethics and compiled I Ching (China b. 549 BC).

Shri Socrates – Founder of Greek philosophy (Greece b. 431 BC).

Shri Mohammed – Founder of Islam (Arabia d. 632 AD).

Shri Guru Nanak – Founder of the Sikhs (India b. 1469 AD).

Shri Shirdhi Sainath (Sai Baba) – Prophesied Shri Mataji’s birth (India c. 1840 – 1918 AD).

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