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She was the daughter of Mohammed Sahib and was married to [Ali| Hazrat Ali], and She had two children, Hasan and Husain, who were ultimately killed in Karbala by the fanatics, who were that time called themselves Sunnis... Fatima lost Her two children, and She was the embodiment of Gruha Lakshmi. She resides in our [Left Nabhi|Nabhi]. So for all the diseases that are connected with the spleen, all the problems that are connected with your Left Nabhi can be only corrected by Fatima. So you have to keep Fatima awakened within yourself... (1993/05/18) But though She was in the house, She was Shakti, so She allowed her sons or actually ordered them to fight those fanatics who were trying to deny the authority of her husband. And you know, Hasan and Hussain, they were killed there. It’s a very beautiful thing how the Mahalakshmi Tatva of Sita took a form of Vishnumaya just to establish the beautiful principle of a housewife. Now, She was very powerful, no doubt, and She knew that her children will be killed. But these people are never killed, they never die nor do they suffer. It’s a drama they had to play to show people how stupid they are.(1988/08/14) She also incarnated as Nanaka’s sister, as Nanaki. (1982/10/29)

The last Mahalakshmi principle came as Fatima. (1990/10/21)

Deities book

She is the ideal of womanhood

The last Mahalakshmi principle came as Fatima. Fatima, as the Gruha Lakshmi, She stayed at home. She did not show off. She was not the one who went out. She stayed at home, looked after the household, looked after their children and made them two great warriors. Her children and Her husband, they fought for right. They fought for the truth. She was a Gruha Lakshmi. The Gruha Lakshmi is the one who is represented in the life of Fatima, who was the daughter of Mohammed-sahib. Now She is always born in a relationship to a guru which is of virginity, of purity. So She comes as a sister or She comes as a daughter. At a young age, She had these two sweet children who died in the war in Karbala. What a brave woman, the way She established the Shia system. Her husband also died and She did all that on Her own. Living behind the purdah, living behind the walls, She managed everything. You have to keep Fatima awakened within yourself. In the Islamic culture, a housewife was given a very, very important place. Mohammed understood that unless and until women are kept absolutely chaste, absolutely pure, there cannot be the Kingdom of God. (Excerpt from Deities book)


Fatimah bint Muhammad (/ˈfætəmə, ˈfɑːtiːˌmɑː/; Arabic: فاطمة‎ Fāṭimah;[pronunciation 1] born 615 AD, 5 BH – died 28 August 632[disputed]) was the youngest daughter and according to Shia Muslims, the only child of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and Khadijah who lived to adulthood, and therefore part of Muhammad's household. Her husband was Ali, the last of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and her children include Hasan and Husayn, the second and third Shia Imams, respectively. She is the object of love and respect of Muslims, as she was the child closest to her father and supported him in his difficulties, was the supporter and loving caretaker of her own husband and children, and was the only child of Muhammad to have male children live beyond childhood, whose descendants are spread throughout the Islamic world and are known as Sayyids. The 11th century dynasty ruling Egypt at the time of the Crusades, the Fatimids, claimed descent from her... (more)